Ankle Aftermath

After the Pittsburgh Marathon relay I ran 3 miles to shake out the run.  It was a beautiful, crisp spring morning.  I was so happy.


Later that evening, we drove back to Maryland and in the car something weird happened.  And then everything sort of fell apart.

When I got out of the car, my legs — ankles, feet, calves — were swollen to three times their size.  I immediately did legs up the wall and then went to bed.


The next morning, in addition to my calves, ankles and feet my hands, face and lips were swollen.  MB was convinced that I was not having a cardiac event but he really wanted me to head to the doctor to see what was going on.  I got a clean bill of health from the doctor — she thought I possibly over hydrated during the relay.

The next day, my swelling had all gone down.  I did weights later that right and while I was doing the leg press I noticed that my little ankle was super swollen.  Uhhhh.


I have to be honest that my ankle did hurt on Sunday but I def thought that it was my shoes — I’m in desperate need of an upgrade.  My ankle really didn’t hurt all that much during the week but it was definitely swollen.  I started icing and taking advil and kept cross training.  I had some pain on my ankle when I pressed on it and only when I pointed my toe.  I did some Googling and I discovered that I most likely have peroneal tendonitis.  I saw my podiatrist and he confirmed what Dr. Google had already told me.  Thankfully, based on my X rays and the self care I already had been doing I didn’t need to be booted.  I cried with joy when I heard I didn’t need to be immobilized.

11312684_10205529266385446_6802996538201016276_oi I was Avalee with a binki happy

The doctor recommended 10 days off of running, then 7 weeks slowly building mileage back by adding 1 mile every other day until I’m up to 7 miles.  This will put me right where I need to be, I hope, for the Marine Corps  training.  In the meantime, I’ve been doing 3 days of cardio on my bike trainer and elliptical {you can do anything where you don’t put too much pressure on the front of the foot}.  I also lift 3 days per week with 1 day of rest.  I’m pretty happy that I’m getting in this groove now — hopefully this 6 day per week schedule will stick for MCM.

My ankle is still a little swollen but I don’t have any pain.  I’m really really nervous about my run which I’m going to try on Monday — one whole mile!

Also worth noting, the week that I didn’t run on the recommendation of all my friends, MB and Coach Jeff, I was a raging, wretched banshee.  I think a lot of non runners can’t understand why, when runners get injured that they would ever go back.  I think, after this experience, it’s really a matter of national security.  I was horrifying — the less I sweat the more grouchy I am and the more likely I am to try to eat my feelings.  Biking and ellipticing have helped but the run is really what’s going to cure me.

Have you ever had to stop running?  How did you deal?

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