MCM Training: Weeks 1 and 2

And I’m back.  With training updates.  Like an ice bath after a specifically hellacious tempo run, let’s plunk right in and cringe most of the time!

Week One: 3/3 workouts 13 miles total

As a reminder I’m doing a modified run less, run faster plan for this cycle.  And by modified I mean I run the three workouts, complain the whole time, skip most of the cross training and wonder why I don’t feel good on Sundays.  Old habits die hard.

I did manage to hit all my workouts for the first week.  Including 3×1600 on the treadmill and a way too fast tempo run along the mall with LV.

Then I actually listened to my body, after a really exhausting first week at my new gig, slept in on Saturday and only managed 4/8 miles on the mill (after rudely cancelling on Mandy and LV via text mid melt down on Friday night).

All told week one went amazing.  I did almost all of the cross training including a lot of weights, push ups and planks.

Week two: 3/3 workouts 20.76 miles total

This past week was a little bit of a different story.  I started out way strong with LV on the track bright and early Monday morning.

Then the week evolved into dinners out, spending time with friends and family and like 900 degree days.  I did my tempo run late in the week, leaving 2 days of no work outs in between.  Whoops.

Usually this would result in me freakouting and pinching my thighs until they bruised or some other weirdo destructive behavior, but I just kept breathing in and out and relishing the small victories.  I DID the runs.  I DIDN’T quit on the tempo (even though I super wanted to).

The long run was the highlight of the week with the full gaggle of marathon broads in our new favorite spot on the C&O.  I got really hot and fussy in the last mile which results in some grumbling and maybe some stress eating (of fuel, which is weird).  But it’s done.

Other important things from the last two weeks:

  • Fuel:  I’m eating more protein.  No one loves a special K bar more than this chick.  But let’s be real — that is NOT helping on mile 9/26 right?  Right.
  • Keeping non run related goals: I will take more steps than you.  One of my non-running related goals every week is to always walk at least 10,000 steps.  I’ve hit this goal three weeks running.  If you want to be FitBit friends so I can annihilate you too, please be my guest.
  • I can do like 3 pushups. 

Summer is a horrid awful wretched time to be training for a marathon.  Which makes me even happier to be doing it with wonderful perfect supportive friends.

How has your training been?

5 thoughts on “MCM Training: Weeks 1 and 2

  1. Lauren Hopkins says:

    I needed to see this today. I begin a training plan this week and my last training plan was a more like a train wreck. I’m hoping to get more of the scheduled runs in this time around (you know, since that’s kind of the point of having a training plan). I also need to increase my steps each day like woah. #workathomeproblems

  2. lnrbailey says:

    Girl, you’ve got this. The first couple weeks usually suck. But then for me it starts to become a habit. And you’re way better at like life than I am so I know you can slay it. Which race is this for?

  3. lnrbailey says:

    You and me BOTH. MB is happy that he is all the way in TX during this cycle so he hears none of the grumbling/crying/complaining 😉

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