MCM Training: Week 3

Last week was rough. In every way.  I was emotionally exhausted and physically worn out. Despite the last week of July being less than fantastic, I still had three running workouts that I’m very proud of and cross trained three times — a small victory.  Which I’ll take.

Then Lauren Fleshman commented on my insta and I died of happiness.  Training is over.

Week 3:  3/3 workouts (20.05)

Monday I was at my Mom and Dad’s so I hit up my hometown track.  I was so so happy when the girls soccer team was there, giving good chase and making me feel fit.  As it turns out high school girls are not very good runners?

Wednesday, LV, Tori and I hit the mall for our tempo run.  It was so so hot.  Like the sun was as close to the Earth as possible for the first 2-3 miles.  We backed way off, still hit our goal and dropped a mile at the end.  And then we had pizza.  Thank God.

Saturday’s long run was again the highlight of the week.  Mandy, LV, LV’s friend Stacey, Tori and I crushed a variety of miles and LV ran her PDR!!  With Chicago 10 weeks away, I personally think she is in excellent marathon shape.  I’m so so excited for her.  Also, of note, I only got about 5 hours of sleep on Saturday morning because I thought it was totes approps to roll out to the Rock It grill, rap, natch and then dance my face off.  Solid.

Other important things that happened this week:

  • I cross trained three times this week:  I do a little lifting in our gym and then I tried the new RW strength workout for the last one.  I’m still not sore after these workouts which is good, because of my hard runs during the week but bad because I’m worried I’m not making any gains.  Thoughts?
  • Killed it in steps:  I walked 115,066 last week.  (Monday – Monday).  You really need to get on my steps level, OK?
  • I’m on a yo-yo roller coaster:  On the scale (I KNOW), I’m losing and gaining the same weight week after week for about the last 2 months.  With training ramping up to full tilt this week, I’m concerned about eating enough but still eating within my PPV range.  Do you have any foods that are healthy, tasty and filling that you go to when you’re marathon training?

OK maybe having fro-yo on Thursday night for dinner was not on plan?

I regret nothing!

How was your week?

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