MCM Training: Week 4

This week, after a pretty rough week last week, I made a bunch of small, attainable goals so that if everything fell apart this week I would not feel like a complete loser.  As it turned out, the week did NOT fall apart AND I hit a lot of my little goals.  Hooray!

Week 4:  3/3 workouts (21.43 miles)

Monday started with a punishing track work out of 5X1,000s.  As you can see, I started the workout and LV ended it.  Our goal was 5:46 and LV does a much much better job of pacing us so that we don’t die.  She’s just all around wonderful.

Wednesday we hit the mall again for a fantastic tempo run.  We started a little later which was a huge help for the heat and humidity.  The highlight — other than the fab company and tasty post work out pizza — was the men who pulled over, nearly killed a pedestrian  to ask LV and I for our numbers.  We politely declined because husbands but it made us feel quite spesh.

Saturday’s long run went OK, not as well as I expected.  I met up with our little bad ass crew, sent Mandy out on her 10 mile tempo (?????) and I hit 11 miles.  I was so broken by the end, I felt completely defeated.  I literally don’t know how I would have made it through those miles without the girls.  Huge snaps to LV for running a 16 mile PDR!!

Other important things that happened this week:

  • I love the Oiselle distance shorts.  I have, like, a treatise to write about running and shorts but suffice for now to say that I am wholly obsessed with these shorts and am about to buy about 60 more pairs (sorry Duffy!)
  • I did NOT cross train but I did walk 10K steps everyday.  I literally did 0 cross training.  Tuesday was out because of work, Thursday I was sick and Friday I just didn’t feel like it.  I am killing it with my steps so that makes me feel like 100% better about skipping — but just this week.  I know if I want to make it to the starting line healthy in October I have to be lifting.  Period.
  • Avoid carbs.  I’m not one of the those lunatics that will ever give up carbs, but I acknowledged this week the need and benefit of limiting carbs — especially the processed variety.  I don’t know about running, but I did finally get over the plateau at WW!
  • OK.  I did do 23 push ups.  So that’s something.

I’m really excited about the week ahead.  I love the track work out, it’s my first really fast tempo and we are racing our long run this week!

How was your week, friends?

2 thoughts on “MCM Training: Week 4

  1. ishouldrun says:

    That’s a great idea about having several attainable goals so it’s not just a pass or fail type of week’s assessment. I’m hard on myself if my plan didn’t go off 100% as planned, but if I hit my Plan B goal, for instance, I could still see it as a victory of sorts. And it’s great you have so many friends to run with! It can make all the difference on those long run days for sure.

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