MCM Training: Week 5

Sometimes, OK like every time, when I’m training for a marathon and life gets a little prickly my training goes off the rails.  This past week, however, things were a super hot mess and yet, my training was the one thing that was sustained and sustaining.  This is due completely to my running group.  Without these broads I would have been toast this week.  I used to swear that I could NOT train with other people regularly.  As usual, I was super wrong about that.

mexican anger food

looks about right.

Week 5:  3/3 workouts (26.6 miles)

Monday Laura and I couldn’t meet for track because I had an early doctor’s appointment so I was relegated to 3X1600 with 2 miles of warm up and cool down on the ‘mill.  It’s been my experience this cycle that the mile repeats are WAY better on the treadmill.  I’m obviously in a much better place to control the pace.  As you can see I ran a steady 9:40 (6.2 setting) for each repeat.

Tuesday I anger ran 3 miles in 30 minutes flat.  Then I took myself out for a book and magazine date at Uncle Julio’s.  Not pictured:  guac, queso and a quesadilla that could feed a whole family.

Wednesday we group ran our 6 mile tempo.  We had a 2 mile warm up and then hit the tempos at


9:35 (!!)


10:15 was our target so as you can imagine we were all pretty pleased with ourselves.  My group came in handy for this run because they are fun and awesome but they also literally saved me.  On my way down to meet them (it’s my first mile) I felt like I was really pushing.  It was hot granted but my effort was really labored.  That first mile came up 11:45! I texted the girls — MAYDAY I need snacks, gu something!  And of course Stacee volunteered her only Gu (which I gladly slurped) and LV had snacks galore.  I literally could not have done that run without them.

Thursday I decided to treat myself to a barre class which was amazing.  I haven’t been to barre in almost 3 months.  While it was pretty killer, there was a time when we were working on the left side of the seat that I wanted to quit.  So, I practiced my marathon mantra — get comfortable with how uncomfortable this is.  And I stuck out the set.  This is pretty exciting because I usually rest when I’m really struggling.

We swithced our long run to Sunday this week because we took advantage of the local 20K (about 12.6 miles) as a training run.  The 20K was held in Leesburg which is notoriously hilly and challenging so we thought medal, shirts, a tough course and post race brunch?  Sign us up.  I’m going to do a race recap (!!) about this one but I will spoil it a little bit:  we had an amazing time, we hit my target time (11:13!) and we had the most fun!

Other important things that happened this week:

  • I devised a new way of dealing with food intake.  I’m going to get a month into it and let you know if it’s working for me.  I’m three days in and I’m feeling pretty good about it.
  • MB comes home in a month.  Hooray!
  • Except for barre, I did no cross training.  Sigh.  But I’m still killing it on my steps.  I had 114,882 last week.  I feel very smug about it.

That’s really it.  I’m looking forward to another productive, fun week with my friends and lots of miles and some fun celebrations.

Do you go on angry runs?

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