MCM Training: Week 6

I’m starting to get worried about this training cycle.  Things are going so well that now I find that I’m waiting for everything to start falling apart.  Do other people have really great training cycles like, the whole time and then the race goes well too?  If you’re out there, show yourself gypsy.  I need to know that I’m not crazy.

Anyhoodles. As I’ve alluded to, this week really well.

Week 6:  3/3 (27.2 miles)

On Tuesday, LV and I hit the track for a really hard track workout  We freaking KILLED it. We did 2×1200 and then 4×800.  After that hell on the oval Laura got Mary Poppins.  She has never seen Mary Poppins.  If I do anything this cycle, giving LV the best Disney movie ever made will be the best thing.

On Thursday, I hit the treadmill for my tempo run.  I actually love the treadmill for tempo runs — it’s so much easier for me to keep the pace.  I nailed 5 miles at 10:30 and 2 miles easy for a warm up and a cool down.  The only time the treadmill annoys me is when it stops at 60 minutes.  Any idea how to fix that?

On Saturday we hit a new, shaded trail through Rock Creek and it was such a wonderful 15 mile run.  The weather was so gorgeous — cool and crisp morning with sun and no clouds.  It was actually so chilled in the morning that Mandy wished she had her gloves.  HER GLOVES!  I love these broads.  We ran up through the zoo, saw some bears and used their bathrooms (thanks the Zoo!).  Two of broads ran their PDRs above a half marathon.  And LV ran 18 miles.  18 MILES.  I was so proud of everyone and I’m  glad that I had Munchkins on hand to celebrate.

After the run, I rushed home, rushed to Jtown and celebrated at sweet Avalee’s  2nd birthday party.

It was a fantastic week.

Other things happening this week:

  • My new eating plan worked really well for week 1.  I’m excited to see how week 2 goes.
  • I rode my bike once this week.  That felt really great on the legs, I will say.  And I’m hoping to get 2 more rides in this week.
  • I treated myself to some new oiselle duds.  Man, I love those distance shorts!

But seriously, do you know how to make the treadmill stay on for longer than 60 minutes?


One thought on “MCM Training: Week 6

  1. ishouldrun says:

    I prefer intervals on the treadmill too! I don’t have any track to use down here so it’s been great to have the treadmill for intervals this year. Sorry, I don’t know about that 60 minute thing. What treadmill do you use? Does it turn off and then back on or just stay off?

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