MCM Training: Week 7

I probably shouldn’t have cursed myself last week.  I knew that as soon as I said things were going great they would start to fall apart.  Fall apart is kind of a hyperbolic, but things weren’t going as well this week as they have been.  As always, it was my lovely group of women run friends that helped me keep it together.

Week 7:  4/3 workouts (21.74)

This step down week started with 6x800s on the track on in my hometown.  Even though it’s supposed to be the start of the step down, it really felt like a lot after 15 miles on Saturday.  I still felt really proud of how it went.  And I love my oiselle outfit!

Then the week got so busy, so annoying, so upsetting.  So our usual Wednesday night tempo run as a group kind of fell apart.  So LV and I put it back together for ourselves with some miles before the sun went down on Thursday.

I don’t know if was the step down week or what but on Friday morning I felt so guilty about skipping the miles that I finished the tempo on the treadmill before dinner.

I felt better after that run but I shouldn’t have especially because I had a sort of tempoish long run the next day.  But no matter.  We were up early, doughnuts in hand to run the 10 in the morning.

Needless to say, we had an amazing time, talking about everything and nothing.  I was so happy with the pace:











I’ve never been this close to my goal pace on a long run like I was on this one.  Even though we weren’t as consistent as we probably should be at this point, I was really happy when I copied these splits into my journal.  On a week when I felt I wasn’t making any progress, I could see the progress right in front of my eyes.

Other things happening this week:

  • For the second time my eating plan worked out really well.  I was even really happy to share it with one of my awesome tweeps (who I am in the process of turning into my real life friend).  I really hope the next two weeks work out and I’ll give the whole world (all 50 people that read this) the run down.
  • I rode my bike twice again this week.  Cross training has really started to help ease the monotony of training and life really.  I only let myself watch the super trashy shows I like when I’m on the bike.
  • It was Mandy’s birthday this week.  I absolutely love this broad.  She’s been such an inspiration and source of joy both on and off the road.    Love you girl!

Do you cross train?



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