When Good Weeks Go Bad

Week 8 of marathon training started just like any other week.  An awesome track work out, a great treadmill workout, awesome cross training on the bike.


That leads to our weekend long run.  Mandy was out of town dominating the Disneyland Half Marathon with a bunch of our running Ohana.  LV had 20 on her sched and Tori and I needed to get another 15 on the legs.  Stacee, to her never ending credit, planned to join us for a final 10.

Of course I managed to pick Laura up late.  We made Tori wait for 30 minutes.  By the time we got down to the GW Parkway (the location of every terrible long run ever in the history of the world), it was so humid it was like swimming through tomato soup.  We decided we would do 2.5 out, 2.5 back, pick up Stacee, do 5 and 5, drop Stacee and Tori off and then I’d go on the back for last 5 with Laura.

Best laid plans.

During the first 2.5 toward Mount Vernon the world started to tilt.  I felt like I was running on a Bosu ball.  Dizzy was like the tame way to describe it — I don’t know if it was the humidity, the 4:50 wake up call or what but it was garbage.  We got back to the cars to try to find Stacee — who was in the wrong parking lot because of my terrible directions.  We decided to run out to her which meant the terrible part of the parkway past the airport.  During the last walk break I got dizzy — again — and fell off the path turning my ankle with peroneal tendinitis.  Love.  By the time we met up with Stacee I was done.  We got to her car, with 8 miles total on my legs, and she got us back to our cars.  Tori had to leave (as she expected our 8 miles to note take like almost 3.5 hours).

Things improved after I got off my feet and onto the bike.  Laura did AMAZING.  For the last 10 miles homegirl ROCK ROCK ROCKED.  We ran all the way down past Belleview and back.  I have literally never been prouder of her.  If she had to run the marathon today she totally could.


And so, despite the embarrassing nature of my long run, I decided halfway through the bike ride that I really needed to take the advice I so eagerly dole out:  Not every run is a good one.  Would it have been better if that 15 mile run didn’t completely suck?  Yes. Would I feel like I was a better run group member if I hadn’t blown it for everyone else — especially Tori? Duh.  But do I know that I can run 26.2 miles?  I do.  And will another long run in the next 8 weeks make up for this weekend?  It will.  And I have to be OK with that.  We all have bad training runs.  I was almost waiting for this to happen.

I’m glad I got it out of my system now.

When we was your last bad long run?  How did you get over it?

3 thoughts on “When Good Weeks Go Bad

  1. Melinda says:

    Oh, my most terrible run was this weekend. Too many hills and a steady incline for basically 6 miles straight did me in. And UGH, the heat. Completely, totally over it. (and never running that route again! lol)

  2. sasrubel says:

    Been there! I’m pretty sure every runner ever has had the terrible long run. If they say they haven’t, call bull. I had a terrible 12 mile run a few weeks ago, but then I rocked two consecutive 15s. Running is hard.

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