Five Things Friday

Happy Friday, ya’ll!  I hope if you’re reading this and you’re on the eastern seaboard, you are hunkering down and eating some cupcakes.  Some of our plans got hurricaned so we’re going to focus on cupcakes.  I know I’ve been absent for a while so I’ll hit you up with a quick run down of what’s going on!


From left: fall is here (#basic), welcome to my office!, MB at the winery, Kanga the red, and of course pumpkin EVERYTHING.

  1. It’s MARATHON MONTH!  I wrote about marathon month when I was training for Big Sur.  I have to reiterate that I definitely feel a sense of relief that the race date is coming up.  Training has been going really really well this cycle and I’m starting to get anxious to go out and execute.
  2. So what am I going to execute exactly? I really really really want to PR at this race.  My current marathon PR is 5:42.  I think I have a solid PR pace base on these legs right now.  My 20 miler is in two weeks which I hope to use as a gauge.  Whatever happens time-wise I really want another goal to hit.  I’m tossing a few around.  Do you have any goals that you like to give yourself beyond your times?
  3. I have been on an Oiselle TEAR these days.  I just got bolt arm warmers in the mail and I made it RAIN at the NOFOMO sale to the tune of a new swimsuit, long rogas and the flyte tank top.  I’m so excited about all my new digs.
  4. I’ve had an apple watch for two weeks and while it’s fun and gadgety I’m going to return it.  My fit bit went and broke on me (FAIL) and I thought that having my running watch, step tracker, whatever all in one would be great.  It’s really not.  I’m going back to the fit bit this weekend.
  5. I’ve got a hankering for Disney like I can’t even tell you.  It’s been 5 months since my last visit and I got some good news about our next trip 🙂

Have a great weekend!

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