This is going to be a doozy!  Grab a tasty snack and settle in.

This past week was my 53rd week at Weight Watchers.  I’m thrilled to announce that I finally have hit my goal weight!!!  For the next six weeks, I’ll work on maintaining that weight (a goal I worked on with my doctor) and after that I will be a Lifetime member!

I was really really excited and very proud of myself.  To commemorate the achievement, I wanted to do something to remind myself of how hard I’ve worked and why I want to continue fueling and feeling better.  MB loved the idea so he took me to Tiffany (!!) and I got a beautiful sterling silver ring.  It’s a daily reminder of how hard I worked, will continue to work and how I want to keep moving forward.  I owe it to myself and minimum, I want this ring to fit forever, let’s be real.


so pleased with myself.

The other goals we really need to talk about are my upcoming marathon goals.

Right.  Those.

Alright so real talk — here are my goals for the Marine Corps Marathon — the seventh marathon I’ll toe the line for.

A goal: 5:15 — this would be a 27 minute PR.  An auto PR I set at Pittsburgh in 2013.

B goal:  5:30 — this seems like it’s completely reasonable.  And

C goal: 5:41 — this goal will still give me a PR but also maybe a little bit of anxiety.

Last week, I talked to my BRF, Patrick and we discussed race goals.  Patrick’s race goals are so exciting and I ran my goals by him.  We talked about the strategy and his suggestion — which made 100% complete sense to any normal human — made me feel really uneasy.  Start slow and build up to the goal pace, he said.  Don’t try to go out with the 5 hour pacer and burn out, he said.

Oh GOD!  But there’s only a 5 hour and and 5:30 pacer.  There is absolutely no way, under any circumstances in any universe that I, Lauren Nancy Regan Bailey would be able to pace myself for an entire marathon.  Literally it’s not in my skill set.  If I run with the 5:30 pacer maybe I won’t meet my maximum potential and hit that A goal.  What if I start with the 5 hour pacer and completely burn out??  My marathon is already ruined.

OK I said to Patrick.

I texted my coach to see what he said.  I knew what he would say.  Start slow and build up to the goal pace, he said.  Don’t try to go out with the 5 hour pacer and burn out, he said. Coach Jeff has paced me through a 10K and a marathon before and he knows how I behave.  Irrationally, stupidly, too fast and then way too slow.

So, after talking to two dudes that are hella marathon successful and who love and care about me and my success the 5:30 pacer it is.  I have a strategy worked out for hitting my stride by the half marathon and I am pumped.

All I really need now is a perfect night’s sleep, a perfect weather day, perfect legs, perfect conditions and it will be well, a perfect marathon.  I’ve worked so hard hard this training cycle.  Our group put in over 350 miles to get to the starting lines.  I have never felt more ready for a race before.


Kanga and I on a cool down walk after a taper run last week

I know no matter what happens I am the sum of my training not necessarily what happens out there next Sunday.  All that’s left to do is run the marathon.  The hard part is over.

Anyone else ready to set some goals for MCM?

2 thoughts on “Goal(s)!

  1. ishouldrun says:

    Congrats on getting to your goal weight! I know how hard that can be (I didn’t achieve mine). Maintaining isn’t an easy stage either! I know what you mean about being worried about pacing and whether or not to take off with the pacers. They say to negative split the race but then what are they saying? Start with a slow pacer and try and catch the next pacer up? It’s definitely stressful deciding.

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