Sometimes you gotta get scars to get what you deserve

So, here’s what happened short and sweet at the Marine Corps Marathon.

Last Tuesday, I came down with a cold.  I thought it was the taper sickies but (I just found out today) it was actually a sinus infection.  It got worse as the week wore on and when I woke up from what was literally a brief nap Sunday morning I knew that I needed to adjust my expectations for the race.  The PR that I worked  for and trained for and wanted so badly was probably not on the table.

The race was a completely DISASTER.  I’m sure you’ve already read all about the security line that went nowhere.  The course that never ever thinned out — I spent most of the first 10 miles trying to conserve as much energy as possible which was tough tripping over people and getting tripped over.  It was rainy and wet and colder than expected.  I would never ever ever run this race again.

I hung tough with the 5:30 pacer, conserving energy, trying to run a smart race.  After mile 20 the wheels started to come off as they usually do.  But this time I could not breathe.  I was gasping for air.  After mile 21 I got dropped by the pace group.  I made it across the bridge and went right to the medical tent at mile 22.

My friend Megan had just seen me come off that bridge and followed me in.  Nothing dramatic, just a breathing treatment and an EKG later, I got released.  MB met me at the tent, traded places with Megan and I had my little cry there.

And by the time we left I was over it.

The worst part is that I know I could have finished if I didn’t have a sinus infection that didn’t let me breathe. My legs felt fresh and I was FINE laying on that stretcher.  I told MB i wanted to go home and run 4 on the treadmill.  (He refused that).   This had nothing to do with the shape I’m in or my desire to get it done, it was just a bad hand I got dealt.  In retrospect I probably shouldn’t have shown up that day.  But I did.  And now we know I can definitely run 22 miles without full capacity.

I’m obsessed with the new Andy Grammar song Good to be Alive.  I listened to it yesterday and the line about getting scarred to get what you deserve really resonates.  Do I deserve a marathon PR?  I think so.  But maybe I need to get roughed up a little more before I do.  I don’t know.

What I DO know is that my people are amazing.  So amazing that I’m going to list you all BY NAME for supporting me that day.  Thank you endlessly:

Sarah Vierra



The Sweet Briar Sweets (Hilary, Lori, Ashley and Kim)

Captain Chelsea







Coach Jeff

Katie Heddleston




Lisa K



The girls at Scoot a Doot



Kathleen Benson

Michelle McCarthy


Ms. Read Eat Write Run


My Elfie



Elizabeth and Denise of AC


Janny and Amanda.  Amanda just called to say what’s up and got a sobby update pre medical tent.  Jan calmly reminded me I have two marathons between now and January 31.  Love you both!

And of course MB.  DUH.

I wanted the list of love to be longer than the recap of the dumb, stupid race and the DNF.  I think it was.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes you gotta get scars to get what you deserve

  1. sasrubel says:

    You know I will always be one of your biggest fans! I am so proud of you no matter what! Get better soon my friend!! Xoxoxoxoxo

  2. ishouldrun says:

    That sinus infection sounded awful. Reading your recap reminded me of all the tripping and how crowded it was! I was constantly getting my feet kicked out from behind and I thought for sure I’d end up tripping. You’re so right that it never ever thinned out. I know what you mean about knowing you have a marathon PR in you! It’s so frustrating. Because on one hand I’m like, forget this! And on the other hand I want that PR that I know I have if it wasn’t for other non-fitness stuff slowing me down. Take care and feel better!

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