What Now?

So, you have a bad goal race?  Now what?

Luckily, as you’ll recall from my conversation with Jan, I’m registered for not one but two more marathons between now and January 31.  Richmond in three short weeks and Walt Disney World a mere 11 weeks from now.  For Richmond, we’re going to be running a redemption marathon for Hilary (you can read all about how she barely escaped the Paul Ryan Curse here) as part of Team Princess 1983.  Because it’s Hilary’s first marathon I’m hesitant to make it about me, but, the girls on the team are just faster than I am.  So, I might just be able to make it work without making it a big deal.

And let’s be real, all I’m trying to do is recreate this picture at Disney World.


Otherwise, I’m about to get REAL serious about PRs.

In two weeks I’ll be running the Veterans Day 10K downtown for proof of time for the Princess Half Marathon.  My 10K PR is 59:17 (a 9:34 pace) so this old number is in serious trouble.  In between that race and my other two marathons I’m going to start getting ready for the big show:  The Pittsburgh Half Marathon and a big huge freaking PR.

My official race PR is 2:30:29.  I ran a 2:21 (unoffish on my watch) in 2013 during my 30 races.  So, in my mind I need to beat 2:21.  I’ve been thinking a lot about that goal, weighing my options in terms of  location, course and field and Pittsburgh was literally a no brainer.  Here’s why:

  • The Pittsburgh Marathon has consistently been a huge win for me.  Run as the 15th race of my 30 in 2013 and then immediately after Big Sur in 2014, the race should have never gone right.  But each year, Pittsburgh’s roads rise to meet me and it turns out being completely boss.
  • This is due mostly in part to the race itself.  The front half of the course is packed with volunteers, flats, crowd support that you can’t even believe.  And the race itself is so well organized and so perfectly run.
  • I’ve said it a lot but the city of Pittsburgh is where my dreams come true.  I think that kind of bodes well for a good day.
  • And it’s worth mentioning that my people make Pittsburgh perfect for me.  We can usually get 100% of the Running Ohana on hand for Pittsburgh.  I also think I’ve convinced most of my BAB running group that Pittsburgh should happen for them this year.  To make it even better, I’ve got my girl Katinka coming for the race, partially as pacer, partially to cross PA off her list (as she would like to race in every state).

Just writing this list excites me to no end!

Are you going to be in Pittsburgh this spring?  Let’s run!


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