Race Reports: Turkey Trot and Turkey Burnoff

I’m not one to go OMG THE NEXT MONTH ON THE CALENDAR HAPPENED but November really did sneak out on me for real.  Of course, the end of November, specifically Tgiving, brings along all sorts of fun races and this year for the first time I did two!

First was the Arlington Turkey Trot. Unlike last year, the weather on Thanksgiving more was resplendent, cool and brisk with tons of sun.  We met up with Msheed, her other friend Lauren (the OG Lauren actually) Tori and her fiance.  We danced around at the start and then were off on our trot.


mad tight selfie game.

Msheed (whom you will hear more from later) just had surgery on her knee and this was her first race back.  MB and I gladly accompanied her on a run walk trot through the streets of Arlington.  I will say that this year, probably because of the weather, the race was PACKED.  It never really thinned out and honestly was a little treacherous for the first 2 miles because of the out and back.  I’m all for a family-friendly race but I think that strollers and doggies who trot should get a later start time.  It makes navigating — especially if you have a fancy new knee — kind of tricky when we all start together.  But we persevered, finished the race and then had delightful post race bagels.  A true 5K trotting win.

Then Saturday rolled around and Mandy and I met up at my place for the MCRRC Turkey burnoff 10 miler.  Since Mandy and I are both running the WDW Marathon in 5 short weeks (….?) I’ve been trying to supplement my weekly long runs with a race.  It really keeps me motivated, there is support during my run and sometimes you get sweet swag like all these awesome race pics for free!


I don’t know where Mandy is in this pic but I am clearly having the best time ever.  I also love my Richmond hat.  I’m wearing it right now.

Mandy and I missed each other at the trot which was tragic to be sure, but we totally made up for it by catching up, chatting and giggling for 10 miles through the VERY HILLY Seneca Creek State Park.  If you’re wondering, this is the same park Jan and I ran under the lights at last year and where MB and I recently rode the s’mores trolley.  So I’m really making the most out our time in MD while it lasts.


MCRRC is fantastic.  The race was a whopping $10, well organized and supported and they had great post race goodies, as usual.  While I wasn’t a huge fan of the double 5 mile loop, running with Mandy made it literally wiz by.  We practiced 5×1 intervals and I’m happy to say that as a result, I’m the proud owner of a fancy new 10 mile PR by 9 minutes.  My previous 10 mile PR was set with Ms. Heddleston back in 2012!  1:46:01 felt pretty fantastic and I had plenty left in the tank when we were done.


It was a great weekend for racing!  I’m so happy to be on PR fire so late in the season.  It’s nice to have all that hard work from the summer finally catching up to my race results.  I have three more races on my schedule for 2015 and maybe a few more sprinkled in.

How was your turkey trot?


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