2016 Race Projections

I’m sitting in my home office (the couch) next to our lit but yet to be decorated Christmas tree pining (see what I did there?) for my 2016 races.  Mostly because I am so so happy with the way that 2015 finally shook out for me and my running crew but also partially, for the the first time since 2013, I really feel like I’ll be taking it easy with racing.  I’m focusing on one goal race and otherwise a lot of funning.  Running for the fun of it.  (Sort of) Without a marathon.  Here’s what I’ve got on my calendar, so far.

January 10 — The Walt Disney World Marathon

This is my sort of marathon.  It’s going to be all 26.2 and I’m still humbled by the distance but we — Mandy, Hilary and I — are going to come back so HARD from the Paul Ryan Curse that the only plan, other than ride the roller coaster, is to PR in fun.  I even said so in Runner’s World.

marathonthis is happening.  Again.

February 21 — Princess Half Marathon

I ended up deferring last year’s registration and when some of the my BABs expressed interest in going, I lept at the opporutnity to plan another girl’s trip.  We have different distances covered for the weekend and Tori is running the glass slipper challenge!  There is going to be so much chEARing, clapping, tutu wearing and ice cream eating, I might not be able to stand it.

March 19 — The Shamrock 8K

Everyone who has ever run the Shamrock series in VA Beach will literally not shut up about how great it is.  Since I’ll be in full PR training mode at that point, I thought the 8K would be a great experience and I’d get to hang with my BABs.  I don’t think we’ve registered yet sooooooo maybe we won’t end up doing this one 😉

May 1 — The Pittsburgh Half Marathon

This is going to be my big fat goal race for the year.  I am so, so, so, so excited to train for and run this race in 16.  There are a ton of perks:

  • First, I put together my training plan and the longest I have to run is 16 miles.  16 MILES.  What will I do with all that free time?!
  • KATINKA IS COMING TO PACE ME.  Katinka is after 50 races in 50 states so she’ll get to cross off PA, run with me and experience Pittsburgh.  Triple win.
  • The BABs are also coming!  Literally surrounded by awesomeness.
  • I know this course super well.  This will be the fourth time I’ve run the half marathon course which as you’ve guessed is the front half of the marathon course.  This portion is WAY easier (Read:  less hills) than the back half of the marathon.  I’ve been warned about the monster hill at the end but I’m totes prepared and have already been planning my long run routes accordingly.
  • Never MIND all my PGH Ohana that is always on hand to help rock the weekend.  Squee — I’m already so excited I could burst.

Like I said big, big doings for this race.  I’m going to take it easy with the public declaration of goals just quite yet but as long as I can stay healthy, I think I might even surprise myself.

June 4 — Baltimore 10 Miler

After front loading the year with racecations I wanted to round out the year with local-ish races at distances that I love.  I also really like having races on my schedule to keep me motivated and fit.  I’ve never ever run in Baltimore (except for one time with Tom on a training run!) and I’ve always wanted to race up there.  I’m a little over big fall running festivals (ahem, Marine Corps) so this will be the perfect option to get to run the city.  Plus I love a 10 miler.  They feel over before they start!

August 6 — Sea Isle 10 Miler

In lieu of a July race, and for all the reasons mentioned for Baltimore, this race seemed like a fun getaway opportunity for MB and I.  I’ve never been to a beach in NJ, nor run at one, and I’m excited to give it a go.

August 21 — Leesburg 20K

As you’ll recall, the BABs rocked this race as part of our fall marathon training and I absolutely adored the course.  I’d like to go back, redo the awesome and reeat that brunch we had.  Yum.

I’m planning to train with the BABs for their fall marathons which as you can see  my schedule is completely devoid of (JOY!) so I might run another half marathon in the fall if Pittsburgh doesn’t go my way.

I’m so excited about my race calendar so far.  What are you targeting for 2016?

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