Race Report: Jingle Jog 2015

Last weekend my brother from another mother, Patrick, came to visit.  We went to the Yuletide Festival in Harper’s Ferry and ate tons of tasty food.  Then we got up bright, but not so early, thank you Pacers to head downtown for the Jingle Jog 5K after picking up Laura!


We easily met Mandy, Tori and Stacee checked a bag hit the restroom and got in line to start.

We started next to these seven broads who were dressed as swans with floaties on. Seven Swans a Swimming.  If they didn’t win the costume contest I’m never going to ever run another Pacer’s event.  JK, but seriously.  It was amazing.

We all decided to stay together which ended up being easier than I thought given how crowded it was.  We were all in a nice even pace, catching up and enjoying the lovely day.  This was the first time all the BABs were together since before the Chicago Marathon so it was truly a Christmas miracle.


We looped around the mall and then headed back toward the Capitol, opposite the way we ran for MCM but still creating a little bit of anxiety none the less.  Despite how chilly the air was on Sunday the direct sun had us all warmed up and pretty much ready to get this 5K done!



Right around the 3 mile mark, after we saw the set up for the new Bourne movie on Pennsylvania Avenue (leave Matt Damon on Mars!) this guy dressed as Santa came puffing past our group.  Mandy was NOT HAVING IT.  So we all followed her lead and laid the hammer on the end of the race.


Giving our group a respectable 10:30 average for the 5k!  I was pumped!  The effort was super easy and measure and I felt great.

After we got across the line and collected our things and each other, we headed up to Astro Doughnuts.  This would be the site of my first ever in person encounter with Mandy and literally the best doughnuts ever.  It was a perfect end to a perfect 5K day!

love doughnuts

the joy and the glory! like really love

hi!  bling and doughnuts for days!

I love Pacer’s events. I can’t wait for the Four Miler on New Year’s Eve!

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