Woman Up in 2016

2015 was awesome.  And to get 2016 off to the right start, I’m taking Oiselle’s advice and I’m going to Woman Up in 2016 — make big, scary goals and go for them.


But first, let’s recap last year!


  • Ultra marathoning — uhhh.  This might have been ambitious.  I did help pace Coach Jeff to his first ultra, though. 🙂
  • 2:10 Half Marathon — This year I focused on the full marathon PR.  And I’m not sad about it.
  • Coaching certification — I was registered this year but, after we decided to launch the business I cancelled my spot.  I might try to do it eventually but in the meantime I’m happy to focus on other goals.
  • Get stronger — I’m so happy to say that I’m on my fourth week of barre class.  With each class, I feel a little stronger.  I can’t wait to give a recap of my full four weeks at the barre!
  • Eat to fuel — This one I NAILED.  Like super nailed.

Looking back I feel like I really did woman up in 2015.  That just means that 2016 has to be even more kick ass.  Here’s what I’m going to do to woman up in 2016:

  • Be patient:  MB and I have complimentary intentions for 2016.  He’s going to help more and I’m going to be more patient with that help.  As it turns out there’s no RIGHT way to load the dishwasher, just his way and my way.  And if i want the help, then sometimes it has to be his way.
  • Get organized:  Being a business owner is equal parts super simple and ridiculously impossible.  It’s so easy to work at home but I find myself wretchedly disorganized.  Nothing a trip to the Container Store can’t help me fix!
  • Half Marathon PR:  The race is registered for and the training plan is set.  My goal is to come in at 2:15 which is a 10:20 mile.  I have a really good feeling about this goal and my plan to get there.
  • Round out PRs:  I set a number of PRs in the back half of 2015.  I’d like to add to the list of PRs and hit the 5K, the 8K, 10 miler and 20K this year.  This will be a combo of continuing to fuel like a champion (seriously losing weight was the best speed work I ever did) and getting stronger.

Today, after a fab brunch with friends, I’m going to make a list of my goals and hang them prominently in my work space, reminding me every day to woman up.  That way when i look at this blog post on January 1, 2017, I’m not surprised that I had ultra marathoning on there!

What are your intentions and goals for 2016?



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