Curse Reversed: WDW Marathon Days 1 and 2

Friends!  Country women!  Lend me your ears!  Like the mickey shaped ones.  Ala Natalie Pendleton.

Day 1 1

Ahhhh mimosas during a marathon.  Winning.

This WDW marathon weekend was all about four things:  friends, fun, food, redemption.  No better place to do all that than our favorite place on earth, right?  Our first two days were spent eating, having fun and friending so let’s get to it!

Mandy and I had a sleep over in Arlington so we could Uber together and then fly together to MCO.  We arrived first and posted up at the Macaroni Grill in the Orlando airport terminal.  We tragically missed that there’s a Chili’s upstairs.  Trust us when we say that we will NOT make the same mistake next year.*

Day 1 2

We put ourselves in the back, away from the children, for our Magic bus shenans.

Katinka and Hilary landed and we magic bussed ourselves right to the Grand Floridian and we checked in lickety split.  MB really hooked us up with the ground floor, corner room in my favorite building (Boca Chica) with not one but two Magic Kingdom views and little porches.

Day 1 3

Day 1 4

Thank you Mark Bailey!

We hightailed it over to the Wilderness Lodge for our our lady timed dinner at Artist’s Point.  Our food was super delish and we enjoyed playing in the lobby where it was still Christmas.

Day 1 6

Finally Natalie arrived and Team Princess was complete.

Day 1 8 Day 1 7

We tucked into one of my favorite spots on property, Minzer’s Lounge, got a bottle of Veuve (champagne Thursday and all) and got the weekend in full swing with some of the Grand Floridian Society Orchestra.  Literal heaven.  We headed to bed after we drank all of our champs so we could be up early to cheer for the 10K!

Mandy, Katinka and I braved the rain with our signs and our cowbell (that we weren’t allowed to use because we cheered on the Boardwalk, FYI) and headed over to the Boardwalk area to cheer for our friends bright and early Friday morning.  Since our friends are apparently trying to make the Olympic team in the 10K we missed all of them except for Patti.  It’s OK though because we literally had all the fun cheering.

Day 2 1  day 2 3

Our signs and our enthusiasm were very very popular.  The most loved sign (of the weekend actually) was you are so pretty.  Mickey Waffles ahead was a close second.  I’m sad that Do it for America couldn’t compete but it’s OK.

After our epic cheering, we collected Patrick and Coach Jeff and headed to the Boardwalk Bakery for cinnamon rolls and waffle cones filled with eggs and bacon — my favorite WDW breakfast for sure.  Since it was stupid wet and cold, after the final finishers came through we relocated to the Boardwalk’s lobby to meet up with our friends Amelia and Nathan who were already showered, that’s how fast they are!

Day 2 2

Eat up Tweet Up Success!

It was so great to catch up with our run friends.  People scoff A LOT at the frequency with which some of us attend run Disney events.  But to those of you I say you have never ever experienced a race weekend like this, literally surrounded by people that love the shit out of you and running.  It’s pretty magical in and of itself.

After the love fest in front of the fire, sitting on the coffee table and our usual shenans, we headed to the Wide World of Sports to meet Natalie and Hilary for the expo.

This is the only picture I have of the expo and it’s hilarious.  Both Natalie and Katinka, our half marathon experts, arrived in WDW saying things like if we don’t want to run, that’s cool.  If it rains, let’s sleep in and I’d be OK with not running.  Neither of them was stoked.  Obviously.

Day 2 4

they don’t wanna

The hilarity sets in when they recap their race for you — coming soon!

After we got finished at the expo dropped our haul (I’m pretty sure combined we spent about $7B), ran into my boyfriend Richard, and then headed out to the Animal Kingdom for some Fast Passes and dinner at Sanaa.

Day 2 11

Big huge Richard fans.

Day 2 12

 Day 2 7

Found out some of our princesses don’t like to ride Everest.  Made them do it anyway 🙂 Day 2 8

So many animals. Day 2 9

Especially cute ones. Day 2 10

Super cute.

Patrick hooked us up with a reservation for dinner and we proceeded to literally destroy a table full of naan and dips and other Indian fare.  Sanaa was one of the tastiest places I’ve eaten at the World in a while and I highly recommend it.  Alyssa was able to join us too and we had an amazing time catching up, eating and squealing.

Day 2 6

We took a cab (we did that a LOT — I can’t with the buses most days) and tucked our half marathoners into bed!  Big doings in the morning!

Did you ever arrive at a race and decide, nah, let’s not do this 🙂

*Oh yes.  We already have plans to go back next year.  Sorry MB!

10 thoughts on “Curse Reversed: WDW Marathon Days 1 and 2

  1. chelseykelsey says:

    I love so much about this. But mainly that you’re going back next year (as I’ll finally get to attend a runDisney Magical Marathon Weekend and this: “People scoff A LOT at the frequency with which some of us attend run Disney events. But to those of you I say you have never ever experienced a race weekend like this, literally surrounded by people that love the shit out of you and running. It’s pretty magical in and of itself.” I imagine most scoffing is done in jealousy. I would attend every single runDisney race if I could.

  2. Steffany R. says:

    I completely understand the spend all the money at a Disney expo. And I have the “I don’t want to do this” reaction to every race. No lie.

  3. ishouldrun says:

    I almost didn’t run Disney Marathon and I was already lined up in my corral! Sometimes you don’t realize how you really feel about a race until you’re staring it in the face. :/

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