Curse Reversed: 13.1 reasons to run the WDW Half

Remember this picture? 

Day 2 4

Yeah, they def weren’t feeling running a half marathon.  Imagine our joy when we say these happy faces at mile 7:


Princess Natalie and Princess Katinka did an amazing job at the half marathon.  They were so speedy, had so much fun and really helped us out getting ready for the full marathon the next day.  Below are the 13.1 things that the Princesses want you to know about their epic half marathon so you too can have an amazing runDisney half experience!  Enjoy!

13.1 things from the 13.1 miles of MAGIC.

  1. Stay at a hotel on the monorail. Yes, it will probably be more expensive, but by staying on the monorail, you avoid having to bus to the start, which will save you sleep and stress at the beginning of the race. It’s worth it. And if we’re being real: Stay at the Grand Floridian. #richard #thanksMB #thelobbysmellsdelicious
  1. Security check was insane. They wanted to search not only bags, but any running belts with zippers. Were we warned about that? Not that we remember, and the line was outrageous. Do everything you can NOT to bring a bag.
  1. Pre-race area was super chill. This is our 3rdrunDisney race and we’re not sure if we have just chilled out a bit in our old age, but the pre-race area and organization has definitely improved in the last few years. It was easy to get to, easy to find people (Pendles was able to find & meet up with a friend from home running Dopey) cell phone service seemed to be a little better than before and the walk over the start line didn’t feel quite as long.


  1. Course support is awesome.As always, course support was phenomenal. There were water/Powerade stands everywhere we needed them (and some we didn’t!)
  1. A definite lack of princesses. If you run Disney to see princesses, don’t run this race. With the exception of Anna and Elsa waaaay up in the castle, there was not a princess to be seen. That said, there were plenty of other characters out for pictures and for the first time ever we stopped to wait in line for pictures with the one & only, Mary Poppins. We tried to take a #selfie in front of the Peter Pan alligator, but only managed to capture our dripping SWEAT.


Make sure to say hi to Kristoff

  1. Volunteers are the best.The volunteers at Disney races are second to none. They are loud, they are enthusiastic, they are on-point with their assigned tasks and they love being there. This makes the whole experience immeasurably better. We made sure to thank as many as we could along the way!
  1. The weather’s difficult. We’ve both raced at Disney World twice now, once in January and once in February, and we can tell you that the weather is anything but consistent. It can be hot and humid, or uncomfortably cold–sometimes in the same weekend. This year we were treated to the densest fog/humidity ever for most of the race. Best to be prepared for anything. Bring wicking layers!


Sweaty Louis selfie!

  1. Post Race towels.That being said, runDisney has started giving out cold towels at the end of the race and it was the most amazing gift either of us has ever received. THANK YOU @runDisney, from the bottom of our hearts and the top of our sweaty foreheads.
  1. This is (probably) not a PR race.I’m sure many people PR at Disney, and it’s certainly never bad to have goals and ambitions, but we found that so much of the fun of this race was enjoying the views, characters and other performers on the course, stopping to take pictures, and not killing yourself (so you can enjoy the rest of your visit!)


PR in fun!

  1. Wear something fun!We were surprised by how few people dressed up for this race (at least around corral F) compared to the Princess Half where it seemed like everyone was in a costume. It doesn’t have to be much–a sparkle skirt, tutu, Minnie ears–but it really helps you get in the spirit (see above) and gives other folks something to cheer you on with (“Go tutu!”). Also, wear your Magic Band to collect the pictures you take.
  1. Don’t try to harmonize with other runners on the course while all of you are wearing headphones and listening to the same music. This advice is for three specific people who were doing just that during the race. Y’all, it was everything less than magical, and frankly it was very inconsiderate to every single runner around them. We hope that by chance those 3 people are reading this because on behalf of every future runner, please don’t ever do this again. Ever. Don’t!


But def def run through the MK.

  1. Half Marathons are best celebrated with Character breakfasts.Original plan post-half marathon was to eat all the Tonga Toast we could at Ohana. Turns out Ohana only serves that on certain days, but have no fear, because you know what is better than Tonga Toast? Character breakfasts that include Lilo, Stich, Pluto and…THE Mouse. And a bowl full of food. Obvi. Definitely make sure to have an epic post-race meal with your best girls planned for after your race!

13.1 2 13.1 1

  1. Magic Hours.We were obviously TIRED from our 3:15am wake-up call, and feeling a little worse for wear with the cold rain that was falling on us on Saturday evening. But we managed to be big girls and let our Marathoners head back to GF to tuck into bed while we headed to the MK to take advantage of MAGIC HOURS. The crowds were a little bigger than we expected, but we got to end our half marathon day with an awesome night-time parade, fireworks and one of the last runs of Splash Mountain before it closed down for some maintenance. Tired? Yes. Worth it? Duh.

IMG_0294 IMG_0295

Def a good call

13.1. The Rope Drop. Need we say more? The next time you are at Disney, if you haven’t gone to the Rope Drop…DO IT! All the magic. Perfect ending to the most perfect weekend. Until next time Disney World, we bid you adieu.

IMG_0504 2

Always go to Rope Drop y’all!  They’re so lovely and perfect aren’t they?  Anything else you would add to their list of how to have a perfect 13.1 at a runDisney event?

3 thoughts on “Curse Reversed: 13.1 reasons to run the WDW Half

  1. ishouldrun says:

    That breakfast looks amazing! I need to schedule that next time I go! I think all of those points are very accurate. And I didn’t see many people dressing up in my corral either. And yes, that security check was new this year. I think security has grown for every race I’ve done lately.

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