Race Report: Fairfax Four Miler 2015

This was my third year running the Fairfax Four Miler and after last year’s tiny bit of a fiasco with the race prep — the crowded check in, not having enough sweat shirts for day-of packet pick up — I’m happy to report that this year was way more smooth.


MB had off for the end of the year, so we lazily meandered out to Fairfax in the later afternoon to pick up packets for Mandy, Tori and Tori’s posse (her fiance and their friend).  The weather was thankfully warm and very comfortable which made packet pick up a breeze since not everyone was trying to stay warm in the little house where the race is staged.

We met up with all our friends and got MB settled with all of our gear in Panera and headed to the start.  Pacers puts on such a nice race with a pretty decently sized field and a great pre-race DJ.  Tori, Mandy and I decided to run together and shoot for a PR (for me) on this course.  Of course, our excitement to be reunited and the warm weather and the end of 2015 resulted in a way too fast first two miles.

We took it easy for the next two miles, chatting and having a nice time on the rolling hills of George Mason’s campus.  I also ditched my outer, very warm, sweatshirt.  I was H-O-T.  As horrified as I am by global climate change, sometimes it makes for warm running on New Year’s Eve which isn’t the worst thing ever, as a runner.

We put in a hard kick at the very end, up the hill.  We finished with HUGE course and personal best:  39:02!!!  Running at 9:46 average is the exact way I wanted to end this really strong late fall and early winter cycle.

FF 1

Mandy was happy with the pace

We waited for Joe to finish and then we headed back to grab MB and the head to Guapos.


Tori, Mandy and I were like Giggle Central 2015 at Guapos.  We (I) killed two quesos and tasty margs.  We went around the table talking about our intentions and goals for 2016.  I was at home, showered and tucked into bed by 11:00 PM.  It was, again a perfect New Year’s Eve.


How was the end of your 2015?

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