Curse Reversed: The first 5 hours of the WDW Marathon

After a lovely Saturday of half marathon goodness, we hit the studios where I was finally united with my homegirl, Jillian, we did some side planks and just generally had a great time.

marathon 1

guys my hair looked awesome that day. thank you Katinka

I had picked up the migraine that we were passing along to one another so after Patrick’s birthday dinner I tried to put myself to bed to sleep it off.  Needless to say, it was really challenging to sleep knowing that I had to get up at 2:15 but I managed to get a few winks in and it was go time!

Mandy, Hilary and I rolled out of bed pretty quickly.  The day before, Natalie and Katinka were quiet as two little church mice, I guess.  I don’t do church so I’m not onehunnid on what that does or doesn’t sound like.  Whatever, they were quiet AF.  I could lie to you and tell you that Mandy, Hilary and I were able to keep it that quiet for them as we got it together.  But I won’t.  I think the loudest things were me and Mandy “whispering” aka talking at normal person volume and Hilary putting everything she’s ever wanted to eat ever in her pockets which made a few crinkling sounds.  Sorry girls.

We rolled out an onto the monorail (which was super annoyingly undergoing a LOT of maitenance as they are moving to a driverless system.  Great.).


We rolled off the monorail and Mandy saw one of her Twitter running idols — Pam of Two Runners Travel!


Pam and Mandy chatted as we made our way to security.  As Natalie and Katinka mentioned from the half marathon — the security line was stupid long so we completely skipped it by having 0 bags.   We win.  We hightailed it to one of the best inventions of any race morning ever.  The Race Retreat.



As part of my Christmas/birthday present, MB got me the Race Retreat.  If you don’t know, the Race Retreat is an enormous heated tent with a comfy, squishy floor, tables and chairs, a huge breakfast spread, DIET COKE!, signs that your friends can hold up for you, stretching mats, massages, bag check, private bathrooms, changing rooms, it was heated, and the tent was huge.

While we were eating our tasty bagels and drinking our diet cokes and using the bathroom that not everyone could use, the Ohana texted that they had all assembled so I dashed out with my diet coke to say hello.

IMG_5672 IMG_5658 IMG_5657

ah!!  I love!

I love them all so much and making sure to have a huge squeeze (Amelia!) and pic before hand was really critical.  I said goodbye and dashed back to the tent.  I finished my breakfast and took a little snooze on the ground while Mandy and Hilary got themselves together.


One of our favorite parts of the Race Retreat was the characters — FROM PINOCCHIO.  We were so excited and we were on our way out to the you know the race start that we look really really special in the following pics with said characters.

IMG_5678 IMG_5681

OK the first one was better than the last one.  That cat there was super fresh.  FYI.

We made our way over to the start line and got in corral J (sorry for holding your fast selves back, gals).  We waited about 30 minutes and then hit the start mat!

We did our 5×1 intervals from the very start.  At the time it seemed a little ridiculous but by the end it panned out a be an excellent choice.  We trucked along the first five miles giggling, waving, cheering and running.  The miles were ticking by really really quickly and then we were  at Magic Kingdom gate!


We had decided early in the race that we were going to stop for all the characters that we wanted.  The first characters we ran into were Vanellope and Wreck it Ralph!



We trucked around the Ticket and Transportation Center and past the Contemporary.  As the sun finally came up we hit Main Street.  It never ever ever gets old.  Ever.


The crowds on Main Street and at the TTC are always fantastic.  It’s my favorite part of the race, mostly any race in terms of crowd support.  It’s so wonderful every time.  It was really special this time because the three of us were there together and no one was puking.  We had been waiting for the real bathrooms near the ice cream shop — the best kept bathroom secret for races that go through the Magic Kingdom.  After that, we had perfect views of the castle, so time for some perfectly normal pictures.


we are awesome

We managed to take a completely wonderful castle picture, too.  Don’t even worry.


damn we are good looking Minnies.

We took off through Tomorrowland and came up on Alice and the White Rabbit.  Some of my favorite photos were the wacky ones that the cast members would take while we were getting ourselves together for the shot.

to whit


But they always ended up great!


Next we breezed into New Fantasyland and decided to wait the 30 minutes for Ariel and Sebastian.  Totally worth it.


We ended our character stops with the Country Bears before exiting Magic Kingdom.  It’s always over so fast.


I love those bears!

As we rounded the back of the MK area, headed towards our other Princesses and the Grand, we passed a DJ, who, like an asshole, announced that we were doing great — we were 25 minutes in front of the sweepers.  Wait, what?  First, there’s no way that that is even possible.  Second, don’t freaking announce that shit, dude.  Ever.  This settled on some of us better than others and we started hitting the running intervals pretty hard.  Which is tough, because the course narrows a bit going up to the Grand.  Then, we saw Richard!  Richard, my well known, well loved boyfriend who greets at GF (I cry every time I watch this video) promised me he’d be out on the course cheering.  He never lets me down!


God, he’s so so cute!

Then we finally finally FINALLY saw our girls.


They had signs, water, our packs (we were NOT going through security, remember?) and lots of hugs.  GO GO GO they implored, and we were off. We had them a little bit worried on our arrival time but our delay was 100% our picture taking sprees, nothing to worry about princesses!

We trucked past the Golf Course and the Poly and skipped the one character that we saw.  We were women on a mission now.  We were going to skip the stops until we got to the Animal Kingdom.  This is the 5 miles we were going to use to make up any time we might have lost in the lines for the characters.

By now, it’s after 8 AM, 5 hours after we headed out on our WDW Marathon journey.  Stay tuned for the next 5 hours!

How were the first 5 hours of your WDW Marathon?

5 thoughts on “Curse Reversed: The first 5 hours of the WDW Marathon

  1. Fran Cooper says:

    The coopers were cheering you on the entire adventure while in Disney. Loved reading your blog; made your journey a little more real for us. Soooo delighted to know there was no, or perhaps, less, puking this years. Here is to good friends!!!💗

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