Pittsburgh Half Marathon Training: Weeks 1, 2 and 3 so far

Friends, I can’t believe that I’m almost a month into training for my major half marathon PR.  I can’t believe it mostly because I’ve done not nearly enough training to, you know, have a major half marathon PR.

I’m using the Run Less, Run Faster method this cycle again.  It worked so well for MCM so obviously I  was excited to put it together for the half marathon.  So excited, I literally put it together in December.  I’m running, auspiciously, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Tuesday is track, Thursday is tempo and Saturday is the long run.  I think the most enticing thing about this cycle is my first two long runs were SINGLE DIGITS.  SINGLE DIGITS.  Why don’t I run more half marathons?

OK, so the training has felt a little lackluster, but in retrospect, it looks like it’s going OK.  I really need to get back to my journal so I can reflect on this more than once every threeish weeks.  Anyhoodles.

My first workout was on the track — 12×400 — the Tuesday after we got back from the WDW Marathon, soooo.  No thanks.  I opted to do the tempo run on Thursday and it went just fine.  Albeit a little stiff after 26.2 miles.  I will say that all the barre I’ve been doing really helped me stay loose after the marathon.

LV and I did our first long run of the cycle together on the dreaded Bethesda trail.  It snowed y’all.  It was cold and we looked awesome with snow on our eyelashes.  We also hit our intervals like champs.

The following Tuesday we ran the indoor track for a ladder workout.  LV and I were both pretty rocked by the 800 but we managed to get it done.  This workout was also awesome because it took me over an hour to get to the track — LV thanks for waiting on me like always.

Last Thursday I did the next tempo but ended up cutting it short. I was so annoyed with the next episode of Serial.  Mostly because it was not a serial it was kind of a little serial.  After it was over I couldn’t make myself go an additional 2 miles.

I did cross train, by shoveling snow.

Then, the blizzard happened.  We left for PA early Friday morning and didn’t get back until Monday afternoon.  I, of course, skipped my long run on Saturday and Sunday.  On Monday,  I finally mustered up the energy to run after all the literal junk food I ate all weekend and I went out for 9 miles.  The combo of the slick roads, the cold air and, uh all the food, resulted in two miles.

but the KG tights.  they. are. everything.

Tuesday, I did the 6×800 on the treadmill.  It was the first time this cycle that I really felt I had done a workout that was actually a good one.


I love treadmill running.  I love wearing my shorts all the time.

All in all I think I’ve been having a few good weeks.  I probably need to be a little more gentle with myself.  I did run 3 3/4 marathons this fall.  While I’ve yet to hit all the speed intervals, especially on the long runs, I think that I have it in me and with more consistency in the coming weeks I can get there.

How’s your spring training going so far?

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