Race Report: 2016 Princess Half Marathon.

Hi!  Almost a month ago I ran the Princess Half Marathon weekend with my dearest friends Tori, Lauren W and my new sister from another mister, Holley.  As you might have seen, things have been sort of stupid with my family so having fun felt like a rigid muscle movement.  But the girls really helped lift me out of my funk.


We had a blast.  And we ran some races.

Friday morning was the 5K that Holley dominated.  I had never cheered for any of the 5Ks before so I was really excited to show up with our cute signs.


Holley killed the 5K and really enjoyed the course with the sun coming up over the Ball.




Afterwards we killed some Tonga Toast and I got to work in the Florida sunshine while the girls soaked up the beauty of the Animal Kingdom.

The next day, we were up early for the 10K.  Tori was starting the challenge and Lauren, bedecked in her Tinkerbell wings was ready for takeoff.  Holley and I held it down at the Boardwalk in my favorite cheering station.  We were there super early and so we literally saw the whole entire race, from the leaders to the final finishers.


I knew some of my running Ohana would be through the 10K and I was so so so excited for some love.  Sarah, Brandi and Brandi’s mom Karen came through for big hugs and quick catch ups.  Then I got a surprise hug from my friend and former coworker, Mark. As we waited for the girls to collect their medals so we could make our way to the Boardwalk Bakery, Holley and I tried to get it together — we had cheered for over 2 hours.  That cheering included a lot of high kicking and other chicanery.  We really earned our waffle cones filled with eggs and bacon.


The girls made their way to the Magic Kingdom and I headed out to the We Run Social Meet up.  I was so excited to get a few extra squeezes in and to meet some new friends.  I had never been to a We Run Social event and it was pretty well attended and there were lots (LIKE TONS) of prizes fore everyone!  I got some super cute pink camo arm warmers because I’m an active duty military spouse (thanks MB!).  Of course, the best part was the people.  I finally got to meet Justin Stone.  And my Running Ohana was in full force.  It was just what I needed.


Ohana means family ❤

We Run Social

We Run Social is really fancy with their ‘grams.

After the meet up, I headed back to the GF, collected the girls and headed back to Disney Springs for Tori’s mini bachelorette party!  We got a beautiful spot at the Boathouse right on the water. I have been to the Boathouse before and both times sat right on the water.  It’s so beautiful, the food is delicious and I always have a great time.




two Laurens are always better than one.

Jillian, my twin that somehow got lost on the way home from the hospital and we were able to celebrate Tori in the best way possible — truffle fries and champers.  We stayed entirely too late which was awesome.  I loved every minute of it.


i love this bride to be.

3:15 am comes a stitch early even for runDisney.  Tori and I were up and out to the staging early to meet up with the Ohana, get a few pics and get started on the long walk to the corrals.



Look at all these lovely faces


Probably one of the best parts of the day was when Matthew surprised Sarah by spending less than 24 hours flying from PA to FL to cheer her on at the Princess half.

matt and sarah

I love them.

After the early morning stroll, Tori and I made it to the start line.  I was so excited about this start in particular.  Due to my rage-run PR, I landed myself in Corral D.  It was the closest to the start I had ever been.

IMG_3826 IMG_3828

The race started and Tori and I started with a solid 5×1.  We were ready for a big PR.  In fun. We stood in line for every character we wanted to see, enjoyed our time in the Magic Kingdom and frolicked to our heart’s content.  You can check out the photos from our fun times here.

Probably the best part of the trip is when my girls treated me to a day in the parks.  We hopped from Hollywood to Epcot, eating drinking and laughing.


thank you for everything girls!

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