June! Glorious June!

My first thought this morning when my eyes opened was “IT’S JUNE!”  May was a kind of off month for me in all aspects (except friends.  We had a great month with all of our near and far friends and for that we are eternally grateful). So, I’ve been looking forward to starting the new month off fresh and ready to go.  I don’t usually post monthly goals because I don’t set them.  Or if I do set them I forget about them.  But I thought today, Global Running Day, and Day 2 of BABs Summer ’16 was the right day to do it.  And yes, if you were wondering, I coined that hashtag for us courtesy of my best friend, Drake, who just gets me.  Also, playing dirty, not clean.  But I digress.


  1. Hit those workouts.  Today I’m staring down 32 weeks of training which I’ll say with gusto that I’m really excited about it.  I’ve been pretty lackadaisical with running regularly as of late and the first six weeks are about me getting my legs back.  I’d like to hit these easy weeks to build confidence and get a rhythm.
  2. Track and journal.  Last summer I felt so in control of both eating and running because I was carefully tracking and journaling for both.  I’m so far from that habit but I’m taking today to resolve to do better.  I’m digging out my believe training journal for running and dusting off my food tracker and journal.  I think if I can do each for at least four days a week I’ll be in business.
  3. Fundraise.  This cycle I’m running for a reason with Team in Training!  I’d like to get to 30% of my goal by the end of the month!
  4. Cross train.  I joined the Pure Barre studio here in Alexandria and can go to the pool at MB’s gym and I’d like to get in a rhythm for both.  This month I’m going to barre at least once a week and swim four times this month.

I’ve also found that when you set goals, you should tie a little reward to them so if I hit every one of my goals I’ll treat myself to a new running outfit (which let’s be real, with this heat will just be tiny shorts and a sports bra).

Happy June, y’all! ❤

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