Walt Disney World Marathon Training: Week 2

Ahhh the second week of training.  Not usually the time where things start to fall apart physically.  And yet.  Here we are.  Not really that bad, I hope but the end of the week was a stitch discouraging.  I refuse to be negative.  Whey my hips and knees go low, I go high!


Total miles:  14

Toughest run:  On Wednesday, my neighbor, Nora and I, went to mall and did a really quick three miles.  This is about the time my right side really started to rebel.  That and Nora is so so fast with her gazelle legs and positive attitude.  So between the pain and being slow with my build it was really tough.  I was so proud of the three miles and it gave me the baseline to work on for my pacing and to figure out WTF is going on with my right side.

Best run:  This week’s long run.  I took myself down the rock path and I will be honest, it started out pretty rough.  My left arch was cramping really hard so about 1.5 miles in I loosened my shoe and it felt SO much better.  After that, I ran some beautiful miles.  I was so grateful and it was much fun.  there was a 10K happening along the same path so people were out cheering and there were balloons.  It was also the longest run I’ve been on in almost 2 months.  My legs definitely felt like I’d run triple the distance but it was complete and I loved it.

Knee pain on a scale of 1 (post Motown Philly) to 5 (the day before the Richmond marathon): 4.  After training this week, I had more pain and swelling than I had the first week.  But the really tricker was when my right hip started to really really hurt.  The pain was in the middle of my rump and on the side, right where I feel like the socket is.  Thankfully I had a follow up appointment with my GP.  She did movements tests and poked and prodded and while I haven’t had an imaging she’s pretty convinced that it’s bursitis.  She prescribed my pretty strong anti inflammatories and I need to ice and rest and stretch whenever I feel I need it.  So, not great news, but I’m pushing on.

Current gear obsession:  Oiselle Vigor Vest.  I LOVE vests.  When this vest hit the scene I knew I had to have it.  I’m so glad I bought it.  I wear it almost every run. The pockets are great, the fit is amazing and can we all just agree it looks fly AF.  I wore it on my long run and after I shed my long sleeve layer, I just wore the vest on top and it was prefect for the warmer weather.

Oiselle vigor vest in midnight

Personal training breakthrough:  This week, I was really really focused on the stretching and recovery because my right side was so sore and stiff.  I fired up my $5/month subscription to Jasyoga.  I’ve done so many of these videos and they are amazing.  Some of the 5 minute reset and the booty lock video have been life savers.  They are easy to follow and the Jasyoga gals are not your typical yogis.  I can’t recommend these videos enough.

Disney World motivator:  I’ve been really focused on how I want to feel the day after the race, when MB lands in the World.  It’s important for me to feel accomplished and not completely broken.  We have lots of fun plans for that Monday so I want to be able to move without the pains and aches that could potentially befall me.  But with all the hard work I’m willing to put in, I think it’s going to be great.

How was your week?

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