Walt Disney World Marathon Training: Week 3

Week three is done and it was fantastic.  After my bursitis diagnosis last week, I was worried about how how my training would feel this week.  I was very happily surprised when I was able to hit almost every workout in my plan. My monthly fiasco left me feeling under the weather so I bagged my pre-long run miles. This week was weirdly and unbearably hot in the area which made training a little more difficult than I would have liked but, generally, this week went way better than expected.

Total Miles: 21

Toughest Run:  I ran a 6 miler midweek and it was really challenging.  It was starting to get really warm and my shorts kept riding up in a weird way.  It took me about 4 miles to really hit my stride.  While it did turn around eventually and I felt amazing afterwards, the actual run was really challenging.  My mental training was on point, though.  I kept repeating my mantras, smiling a lot, and thankfully I had my hydration pack, so I could practice taking water.  Lemons out of lemonade, totally Beyonce.

Best Run:  My long run this week was literally #flawless.  The BABs are starting to reemerge (as we plan for our Fall Marathon) and I was able to link back up with Tori and Mandy.  We spent 8 beautiful fall miles catching up, solving the world’s problems and dominating the gravel path.

Knee pain on a scale of 1 (post Motown Philly) to 5 (the day before the Richmond marathon): 5!!!!!!  My knee has been wildly behaved recently.  I’ve been doing a lot of my Jasyoga videos and making sure to ice and rest when it’s time to ice and rest. My hip pain has been more around a 2-3.  The anti inflams have really been helping and thankfully I’ve only had to take them twice.  Rolling stretching and yoga are the name of the game!

Current gear obsession:  Oiselle satellite tank.  My homegirl, Jillian, posted this in our Oiselle Volée group and Mandy and I had to have them.  I got the white and I’m obsessed with the fit and how adorable the white and black are together.  Man is that a comfortable tank.  I sort of want to buy a satellite tank in every color.  Don’t tell MB.


Personal training breakthrough:  There are three phases to my personal training.  This first phase is the stabilization.  I’ve been doing a lot of core work, bosu ball exercises and my personal favorites, agility drills.  This week, at my second session, I was lifting a lot of heavy weights.  I was like WTF is going on Michael, and he was like oh, we’re about to turn up the heat next week.  Which means we’re moving to stage two — heavy lifting, getting C-U-T.  Joys!

Disney World motivator:  This week I’m really really excited about all the tasty things that MB and I are going to eat the week we spend in the World after the marathon.  We have reservations at Sanaa (bread service, please!), Mama Melrose, WAVE brunch, the newly reimagined FLYING FISH — the list goes on and on if we include all the delicious counter service (like Waffle cones filled with eggs and bacon, the Yak and Yetti fried rice).  The runger clearly came back with vengeance.  Dreaming about all the tasty foods that await me helps get through eating a yogurt parfait and pretending it’s the cowboy hat full of ice cream.

A look forward:  This week is going to be about continuing to build the mileage slowly.  It looks like the mid week runs are a copy of last week with just 1 or 2 miles added.  My long run will be my first double digit run since Motown Philly-gate AND I’ll get to do it with friends in MD.  I’m also going to focus on my Weight Watchers planning to make sure the marathon training weight doesn’t start to creep back on.

What’s up for you this week?

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