Running Real Talk: What to dwell on, when

Yesterday marked the anniversary of that one time that I didn’t finish the Marine Corps Marathon.  After 16 really amazing weeks of training, I got taken out by my immune system.  I mentioned this to the BABs while we were running this past weekend and the conversation that followed was really uplifting.  And not in a tell me how great I am despite my marathon set back way.  In a really positive there are other things to dwell on right now kind of way.  And that had me thinking, it’s all about how we frame our running (and our lives to be honest), the tone of the voice in our heads and words that voice uses really matters most.  And I sort of had a eureka moment.

Lauren Fleshman says to dwell in positivity.  I wholly ascribe to that as much as humanely possible.  But sometimes, when you drop you lunch on the floor and the dog is vomming the garbage he ate while you were out on your run that didn’t go well, it’s like really hard to get to 1600 Positive Street in Positive Town 1000000%.  And — this has been the important thing for me — that’s OK.  Especially as we encourage our inner monologue to like lay off of us while we wallow, for just like 5 minutes — before we return to being real life gangsters.  


So, as the anniversary of my DNF came and went, I didn’t really feel the need to bring it back up, to tear myself back down or even let the hurt and kind of foggy confusion of those 5 ish hours fuel my hate fire for the current cycle I’m in.  It just happened.  I gave myself 5 minutes to be like Geez I wish I had that medal, and then I thought of all the awesome things I associate with that race:  Tori’s first amazing marathon, Patrick being in town, tasty Mexican with my besties after I got released from medical, all the amazing finish lines after that race.

I’ve been trying to coach the inner LNRB to choose nicer words, to not drag me down, even when it feels warranted and to know that — in running at least — my current effort is enough.  I am enough.

9 thoughts on “Running Real Talk: What to dwell on, when

  1. chelseykelsey says:

    This. Every year at Pittsburgh (maybe my favorite half ever) I feel a twinge of… shame? Embarrassment? Something bad when I think about my DNF a few years ago. But I focus on the positives, that was the year I met the Ohana and I got my medal two weeks later, it just says Cleveland instead of Pittsburgh.

    We’re badasses. And we’re working so hard this cycle and we’re gonna have so much fun in January. Wether we PR or it takes us 7 hours.

    • Lauren Bailey says:

      Yes! This, K! And I think it’s really helpful that we can focus on a fun goal with amazing people in a perfect place! I’m so happy we are run besties! 🙂

  2. Entirely Amelia says:

    Every time I think about Grandma’s Marathon, I get super emotional because of my DNS there. Flying there anyway and cheering was such a gut punch. I think this is going to be my spring race because I need to take it back. I need to redeem myself.

    ANYWAY! Yes to positivity and finding it and bathing all up in it! ❤️

  3. Christine @ Two Runners Travel says:

    Great post! This can apply to so much in life too. Love the attitude you have and the way you have moved on from a huge disappointment. Bookmarking this post for later 🙂

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