Walt Disney World Training: Week 4

Whew!  What a week!  I’m sorry if that’s how all the posts start for the next — wait for it — 10 weeks.  This week was full of beautiful scenes, great runs and a lot of mental toughness.  Plus, the Marine Corps Marathon, a framily vacation and literally all the food.


did I mention beautiful scenes?

Total miles:  15

Toughest run:  My long run was supposed to be 10 easy miles around the lake, maybe?, in Deep Creek MD when on framily (friends that are family) vacation.  I read that there are a ton of trails in Deep Creek and I was pumped.  As it turns out those trails are full on hiking trails.  Tom and I did our best for about a mile and we could not hack it.  Guys — I am not a trail runner, I’m just not.  We tried to do a little road running but honestly when I’m not feeling it at the beginning it’s hard for me to turn it around.  So, I bagged my long run after only 2 miles.  I’m planning to get those remaining 8 miles done tomorrow.

Best run:  On Friday, I made up my long-ish mid week run.  I did 4/6 miles and it was just lovely.  It was one of those runs that really felt like I was flying.  I wasn’t begging my watch to get to the next interval, the weather was so so crisp, I had on my new fly style.  It was just all goodness.

Knee pain on a scale of 1 (post Motown Philly) to 5 (the day before the Richmond marathon): 5!!!!!!  I’m so happy to report, for the second week in a row, my knee felt amazing.  My hip also felt fantastic.  I only had to take my anti-inflam once. It was a big time win.

Current gear obsession: The Aero jacket.  I have the last iteration of the jacket which runs a little big, but, despite the size it was so soft and supple and was perfect for the breezier day I had on Friday.  I also loved all pockets.  And the color.

Personal training breakthrough:  This week we really worked on core and glutes.  We were lifting so heavy and I was so sore all week.  I think I’m finally starting to see the benefit.  My runs have not been so struggle-y and I think that the mental benefits are starting to kick in.  Doing those reps, at weight that I could not have imagined every lifting.  Helping the mental game is going to be big going into the middle of training.

Disney World motivator:  This week, I’ve been listening to the YouTube channel of the entrance music to Magic Kingdom and Epcot.  It’s been helping me stay really excited to get to those parks — the first and the last one on the course.  Thinking of running to the front of each of those parks, taking those first steps into those magical places with my best girls, gives me goosebumps all over.

A look forward:  I’m not going to lie, as you’re reading this, I’m on my way to a run I’m not super pumped about.  I’m trying to remain positive, so I don’t start my week super annoyed and negative.  Otherwise, this is my first cut back week so I need to focus on that.  Cut backs are a gift from the running gods.  And I’ll take it.


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