A look ahead

I really didn’t think that, with less than 10 weeks to go to my next marathon — my tenth marathon — that I’d be gearing up to register for my next marathon.  Especially because, not long ago, I promised MB I was done running marathons.  Guys. LOLOLOLOL.

Since that proclamation I’ve trained for and run 3 more marathons.  And I was supposed to train for and run a couple of half marathons.  God did I HATE those.  Seriously.  I don’t know that I’m programmed, right now, to train for half marathons.  Honestly, they just don’t scare me the way marathons do.  And, I guess, it turns out I like to be scared out of my wits.  Training for marathons is big and scary and hard.  And then running them isn’t really a piece of cake either.  I didn’t think I was that kind of adrenaline junky, but I am.

Anyhoodles — all this to say, I’ve already started to put together my 2017 race schedule.  I think I might have tricked MB into running a big race with me next year.  That’s real big TBD because I really do think I tricked him and he did not seem pleased about it, so may be worth revisiting when we’re not drunk or stuffed with pizza.

In the meantime, I’m so happy to announce that today my BABs and I are all putting our names in for the Chicago Marathon lottery.  After so many people having the literal best time ever this year in Chicago and LV’s desire to make it a redemption race, I’m so excited to see if we’re chosen.  Fear not — if we don’t get the lottery spots, there will be a lot of fundraising going on.

So, while I’m laser focused on getting to the start line of Disney healthy and prepared, I’m also pretty pumped about the winter and spring rest (active rest, y’all) period and then bring on that summer training.  I have a lot of short shorts that did not get great use this past cycle.


6 thoughts on “A look ahead

  1. Entirely Amelia says:

    Girl, SO FUCKING MUCH THIS! All of this! I’m the same way with half marathons, they just don’t really do it for me. I’ve run 9 marathons and 11 half marathons…which seems a little imbalanced, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

    My 2017 is already pretty packed, too. Dopey Challenge, Philly LOVE Half, Rutgers Half, Star Wars Dark Side, (probably) Grandma’s Marathon. And then hopefully I get into Berlin Marathon. And I’m still thinking about Chicago 2017. Sigh.

    • Lauren Bailey says:

      Half marathons can eat it. We’re too gangster for that shit. Ohhhhh 2017. It’s going to be a good one ❤ ❤ Can't WAIT for January.

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