Walt Disney World Training: Week 7

Whew.  Y’all I’m whooped.  Training for a marathon is legit exhausting.  I had an outstanding week, training-wise.  And I’m tired.  Did I mention I’m tired?  Let’s get to it.

long run milkshake

i drank this milkshake to completion in the 1/2 block walk from the milkshake place to our hotel room.  I also got an upgrade because I told them I didn’t like Donald Trump.


Total miles:  25

Total miles this cycle: <<New this week>>:  142

Toughest run:   By far, is was my run on Monday, which I did to complete my 14 mile long run.  My legs were so tired.  I could barely keep my feet moving forward.  But then, I saw Kevin Spacey filming another season of House of Cards.  So that was amazing.

Best run:  I loaded up the Subaru on Friday and drove to Sara.  We got up early on Saturday morning and drove into downtown Philadelphia.  We dropped our bags at the Kimpton and and hit the streets.  We ran 16 miles around the city.  We saw the Liberty Bell, we thanked Mike Pence for his donations to Planned Parenthood, we ran around the Boat Houses, cheered for half marathoners and 8K finishers and generally had an amazing time.  I’m so so proud of Sara.  She has been so consistent with her training.  It was such a joy to do the run with her.  We also had the last nice day apparently ever.  After our domination of Philly we split a grilled cheese, had a milkshake and soup, laid in bed, split a bag of baked cheetos, had burgers for dinner and then watched 3 Disney princess movies and Harry Potter.  I love running.


Knee and hip pain on a scale of 1 (post Motown Philly) to 5 (the day before the Richmond marathon): 5.  I had a great, pain free week.  Yes!

Current gear obsession:  Oiselle Roga shorts.  It’s really no surprise that I’m crushing hard on another piece of Oiselle gear.  I bought the Rogas earlier this year and have just been wearing them around on smaller distance runs and hanging out.  I took about 7 different outfits for the long run and I finally settled on the Rogas and man am I glad I did.  They were so comfortable.  I’m currently waiting for (fingers crossed) a great Black Friday sale to get my blue pair for the marathon.

Personal training breakthrough:  I was back at personal training this week after taking last week off.  I’m glad to be back but of course sore.  Obviously.

Disney World motivator:  Sara and her husband were one of my very first Mouse Counselor clients and they booked their hotel on the Boardwalk.  Now the trip just seems so. real. I keep thinking of meeting up with my dear friends after the marathon is over in my favorite place in the world.  It’s really uplifting.

50 days from today it will be over.  Can you believe it?  I can’t.  How was your week?


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