Walt Disney World Training: Week 8

This week was one of my better weeks for training.  I was able to stay consistent — something I’ve struggled with the entire cycle — and ran 4 days this week!  I’m starting to feel the aches, pains and sleepiness that come with marathon training.  There is literally not enough sleep, rolling or Advil that can help a sister right now.

Despite all that I’m feeling really really excited about the upcoming race.  Sara has been dominating her training and her excitement about our last long run together (20 miles in three weeks!) and the race has me giddy like it’s my first race, too.


Avalee is better at recovery than me. 


Total miles:  33

Total miles this cycle: 175 (!!)

Toughest run:  18 mile long run.  I met Sara, Kelsey and Coach Jeff in North Park the day after Thanksgiving to bang this sucker out.  This would be another PDR for Sara and a great excuse to be in Pittsburgh with some of my running bests around the holiday.  We had a few fits and starts but we got through the first three laps of the 5 mile park without a lot of drama. The weather did not cooperate for the back half — the temperature kept dropping.  And man, those last 5K were BRUTAL.  I kept saying to myself:  Happy feet (for you), happy face (for Sara).  Sara, on the other hand did amazing and didn’t really need my happy face at all.  Recently, I feel like I’m more the mentee with the help she’s been doling out — which I love, let’s be real.  I will say that miles 16-18 are generally pretty dark miles for me anyway.  Once we were at 17.75, I felt fine, like I could run forever.  That’s the beauty of long run — training your mind for how to behave on the big day.

Afterward, I beasted nachos and half of Steff’s lunch with her and spent time with Sara and her family.  The perfect end to my toughest run.

Best run: Turkey Trot!  For the last two years, I’ve turkey trotted with Msheed.  This year her plans changed and since we moved to a new hood, I thought I’d do the hella local trot where I could walk home.  I’d already run 10 miles that week on back to back days, so I was a little nervous about how this would go.  But, I put on my fav new Disney podcast — Mad Chatters — and those 5 miles ticked off super quick and easy.  The walk home was a bit chilly but otherwise, I had a really great run through my new hood.

Let’s pretend I was in the front instead of standing on the side of the road wondering where is the start line?

Knee and hip pain on a scale of 1 (post Motown Philly) to 5 (the day before the Richmond marathon): 3.  I’ve been having a lot of general aches and pains this week.  My feet are killing me — which I KNOW is indicative of the need for new shoes.  Blessed are those who wait until Cyber Monday for their new marathon kicks, OK?

Personal training breakthrough:  Ugh, don’t tell MB about this one — I don’t like Personal Training right now.  I think I’ll write a full post about that this week but man oh man it has been the sloggiest slog getting myself there every week. I have another week off this week and I’m pretty pumped about it I will say.

Disney World motivator:  Patrick and I recently sured up our pre and post marathon eating plans which include Tonga Toast, a huge hat full of ice cream and burgers on burgers — best of all with all of our very best friends.  Is it it time to leave yet?

How was your Turkey Trot?

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