Race Report: Alexandria Turkey Trot 2016

Msheed and I have Turkey Trotted together in recent years.  This year, her plans changed and the trot we usually do together, a 5K was $40.  This seemed a little ridiculous to me — like come on, I know we’re doing this for charity but let’s get real with ourselves, Arlington Turkey Trot.  So, I did some googling and saw that my new neighborhood also hosted a 5 mile trot for half the price.  Sign me up!

Packet pick up was super easy.  I remembered that I wanted to do it about 90 minutes before it closed, rolled up to the school gym, parked, and was in and out in 15 minutes.  This race also allowed you to opt out of the shirt — which was an additional cost I think — which I LOVE.

Dear all races, everywhere.  Please PLEASE PLEASE let me opt out of the shirt.  Donate mine to charity.  Give it to the guy behind me.  Brand the bananas with the sponsors.  Whatever you have to do.  Just let me opt out of the shirt. Kthanxbai!

Anyhoodles.  The race morning dawned not too bright or early.  The gun was at 9 so I had time for Thanksgiving Day chocolate pancakes with MB.  I got my food donation together and he dropped me at the start on his way to the gym.  I waited inside the gym since it started to sprinkle a bit and around 5 to 9, I headed out to where I thought the start was.

We were a little short on announcements and directions but honestly for $20 I don’t care.  I can sort of follow crowds and show up on time.  So as I stood on the sides, chatting up a recent Boston qualifier asking me about the Disney marathon, wondering where the start line was, people started moving forward and — oh!  The race started!

I plugged into Mad Chatters talking about the recent D23 event and the best sit down restaurants at the Magic Kingdom and settled into slow and steady 5×1 intervals.  As I told you earlier this week, I had already run 10 miles and had 18 more the day after Tgiving, so going balls out was not really my jam.  I just trotted with my neighbors, taking in the ‘hood.

The course was familiar parts of my regular running route.  It was nice to have neighbors out cheering and handing out water.  The race only had one water stop — which is one short for me — but again for $20 whatever, I’ll bring my own next year.

I finished at about 56 minutes which was perfect for what I was trying to do — finish at all.  I popped into the gym for my granola bar, grabbed a banana and a bottle of water and walked home.  I was showered and complaining about being hungry to MB by 11:15.

I can’t recommend this race enough.  It was organized, well attended and a really run distance.  And, if you hadn’t noticed, I’m into the price.  I’ll be back next year!

How was your holiday running?


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