2017 Race Projections

Happy December!  Aside from all the other months of the year, December is my favorite.  Christmas trees, Jingle Jogs, MB making too many of these cream cheese mints that give me a belly ache when I inevitably try to eat them all.  It’s a joyous time.  I also start getting antsy for the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, now less than 5 weeks away, which in turn reminds me “Oh yeah!  You get to put together a schedule for next year!”

I have to disclaim this because last year when I wrote this post, I had big running plans that included really fresh, fast Marathon and 10K PRs and you know not dislocating my patella or getting bursitis in my hip.  This year, I’m writing this look ahead with a very humble runners heart.  All my big plans could be laid aside with one chord of Motown Philly and while I don’t live in fear of an injury, let’s just say I’m trying to plan races so that I don’t actually get one.

Onward to 2017!

January 8 — Walt Disney World Marathon

This will be my fourth trip to the magical vacation kingdom to run my favorite marathon of all time.  I have the distinct pleasure and honor to do it with a long time friend (that I met in law school.  Did you know I went to law school?) Sara, whom you’ve been following along with because I know you’re not a monster.  This cycle has been challenging for sure what with the whole knee fiasco but I’m feeling unbelievably confident going into two cutback weeks and a 20 miler.  I know that regardless of what happens down there, Team Bey All Day is guaranteed a PR in fun.  Also, plenty of time for Mandy to register.

marathon 45

ugh what a terrible no fun time we had there said no one!

Also, in the spirit of remembering that I am a mere mortal let’s all LOL at this tweet from April:

March 11 — RnR DC Half Marathon

Man, did I have a good time at this half last year.  Running with Steff and Mandy, for my shiny new half PR was a blast.  Plus a little bird told me my home girl Kelsey will be back to run with Steff so I feel like this hometown race is a no brainer.  I’m going to have to register like yesterday because of the exorbitant prices of RnR but regardless I will be back.

May 7 — Pittsburgh Marathon Weekend

Gosh I love the Pittsburgh Marathon.  The half marathon, which was supposed to be my goal race this past year, was not my favorite.  And there might be someone I know and love and am training with right now interested in the full.  So.  We’ll just wait and see about all that.  Suffice to say I will be in Pittsburgh that weekend with a bell on!

June 3 — Baltimore 10 Miler

This was on my projection for last year and clearly, I didn’t run it.  I got lazy I think this summer after Pittsburgh so maybe if I just go ahead and register it after I get back from our Disney vacation — any of these races, really, I’ll feel more inclined to run it.  Also, Mandy told me she would run a 10 miler or two so this might be the one I force her to do with me.

October 9 — Chicago Marathon

The BABs and I, after taking this year off from marathon domination to travel to Africa, be a boss bitch, get married, take care of our health, decided that Chi is the perfect place to show off our summer running fitness.  I’m in the lottery now and have nightmares of not getting in.  But the fundraising game with Chi is strong so I’m not sweating it too much, yet.  Also — who runs three major marathons in a year?

November 23 — Turkey Trot

I just finished it and I loved it.

While 2017 seems a little heavy on marathons, light on all other distances, I really just need to take it one month at a time, feel out my fitness and decide what’s going to be best for my body.  I’m also entertaining the idea of whipping myself into shape to start racing 10K and 5K distance exclusively (I love how I say that like I’m some sort of pro) in the future.  But for now, bring on the big miles, the new cities and some of my old favorites.

Have you thought about 2017 yet?

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