Walt Disney World Training: Week 9

This past week was a little wonky. I was at my mom and dad’s until Thursday and so I took my training to Western PA.  Which means that I was running a ton of hills.  By Wednesday, my hip and glutes were all bound up.  Thankfully I sprang for a deep tissue 90 minute massage which has helped immensely.  As I write this however, I’m completely exhausted.  We had a really busy weekend and a couple more busy weeks ahead.  That’s kind of the worst and best part about training for the Marathon Weekend events.  You’re so busy near the end, you don’t have time to think — you just execute.

Now on with last week!

Total miles:  19

Total miles this cycle:  194

Toughest run:  I’m happy to report that while they were all challenging, I didn’t have a really tough run.  I was pooped by the time my long run was over on Sunday, but in general, I kind of coasted through this week.  I truly love and appreciate cut back weeks more than I can really ever express in words.


I’m very popular with the fuzzy set post run.

Best run:  The 5 miler I did mid week in PA was pretty great.  It was supposed to rain, but it didn’t and the miles just felt effortless, despite all the hill running.  I also rather enjoyed the first 3 miles of my 10 miler this past weekend.  I hopped in and ran with some of the BABs which was a welcome change.  I miss them terribly.  Then we ate doughnuts and I ran the 7 miles home.

Knee and hip pain on a scale of 1 (post Motown Philly) to 5 (the day before the Richmond marathon): 4.  Since the massage on Thursday things have been feeling in tip top shape.

Personal training breakthrough:  I had off last week!  Joy!!

Disney World motivator:  Team Bey All Day got our marathon skirts in the mail this week!  It’s so fun that the race is so close that I’ve picked out my outfit.  My new Sparkle Skirt is the icing on the tasty marathon cake.

In other news, I did a workshop at Weight Watchers this week that focused on figuring out where to focus mental energy to bring balance to your life — pretty cool for a weight loss program, right?  Anyway, I found out during the session that my physical needs are not being met:  I’m tired all the time, clearly I’m sore and I’m just worn out and burned out as a result.  Since coming to that conclusion, I decided, among other things, to cut my training back from 4-5 runs per week to strictly 3 runs — just like before.  At this point, with the 20 miler 2 weeks away, I feel like better sleep and more rest are going to be way better for me than extra miles.  How’s that for responsible training?

How are you feeling going into the holidays?

2 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Training: Week 9

  1. Steffany R. says:

    Love that you have figured out your balance. I’ve really enjoyed my four day a week training plans. I feel like I gain an extra day!

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