One Month to Go. Stay healthy.

Today, we are one month away from the Walt Disney World Marathon.  I’m hoping that, at this time in 30ish days we will be well into the first two or three miles of this most fun marathon ever.  I’ve even gone so far as to start stalking the weather, which, as we seasoned marathoners know, that is a stupid thing to do.  We cannot control the weather, only how we react to the weather.  But I’ll tell you what we can control — taking care of ourselves.

As I write this, MB is asleep on the couch, down and out with the stomach flu.  It was bound to happen — tis the season, you know?  So as I washed my hands for the 80th time, I thought I would share my tricks for getting to the start line of the winter marathon healthy and ready to dominate.


  1. For the love of Christ, get your flu shot.  Don’t you tell me it makes you sick or you go it once and you then you still got sick later.  I don’t want to hear it.  Unless you are a doctor, pharmacist or are legitimately allergic to it (unlikely) get it.  If you don’t, I just assume you’re the type of runner that wears new clothes on race day.  Just get it OK?
  2. Take your vitamin C.  I use the gummies from Trader Joe’s.  Two of those every morning for a month helps me, at least in my mind, stay healthy and ready for anything.
  3. Get to sleep.  The worst thing abut training for a marathon is that your life doesn’t let up as your mileage increases.  You still have to work, care for others, pay bills.  If you’re already run down and tired, it could be a recipe for an illness.  My advice would be to try to get in the extra Zs as much as possible.  Get in bed earlier, cute out too much screen time before bed, and nap when you can.  Even 10-15 minutes here and there really helps me during the last month of training.
  4. Give yourself a break from training if you’re tired.  I promise, 30 days out if you’re tired and you need to take a few days off from running, it will not ruin your race.  Listen carefully to your body.  Take extra rest days, do more easy miles or stretch more.  Have a sandwich.  Just let the perfectionist in you go and take a rest.
  5. Wash your hands.  I know most of your are doing that, obviously.  But be super conscious, especially if you’re around mini germ factories or ride public transportation or work in a office.
  6. Amp up your fruits and veggies.  Don’t go super nutsy.  You don’t need to much fiber in your diet pre race, but adding one or two extra good foods can’t hurt.  I always like to add a smoothie to my meals, usually breakfast.
  7. Listen carefully:  IF YOU ARE SICK. GO TO THE DOCTOR.  No one wants a hero.  Like the first tip says, unless you are a doctor or pharmacist yourself, if you’re not feeling well, you need to go see a professional.  Get yourself there as quickly as possible and LISTEN to what they tell you.

Alright, now that we have that under control, please take care of yourselves.  I can’t to see you at the start — and finish line — of the marathon!

What do you to stay health before your goal race?

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