Walt Disney World Training: Week 11

Peak week is OVER.  The big miles have been run.  I am legitimately exhausted.  It was an exciting week of running and now we’re less than 3 weeks away from the marathon.


Kanga is really ready for the taper.  

Total miles:  33

Total miles this cycle:  250

Toughest run:  Thursday’s run through the bitter cold and the wind was not pleasant.  It was really the weather that was the worst.  The run itself was great.  Plus I looked like a ninja.  So, that was a win.

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29 degrees. 30 MPH winds. 7 miles.

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Best run:  Easily the 20 miler with Sara!  I was so anxious about this run.  Especially because I when I was at my in laws on Saturday morning I would of course fall down their stairs and bruise the top of my foot so badly that it’s swollen.  I would definitely show you a photo of my poor foot but my feet are literally disgusting right now.  So you’re welcome.  The weather was also supposed to be a little rough.  The higher temps would be glorious sure but the rain — come on.  Last time it rained the whole run I cried the whole time.  I did eat a whole cronut afterward but it really wasn’t worth it.  Anyhoodles.  Sara and I came back from PA and I had a hard time sleeping.  We woke up, threw on our clothes, and headed out.  LUCKILY the rain held off almost completely.  As we were coming across the memorial bridge we it started to sprinkle but it all stopped by the time we got to Washington monument.  Halfway through we had an aid station — fruit, water, hugs from Tori and Stacee!  Broads to the rescue!


these faces gave me LIFE.  the snacks weren’t bad either.

Tori had also picked up our dry clothes which I stuffed in my mailbox.  Sara and I were able to use the bathroom and change out of our wet shirts.  At that point we had 9 miles to go.  Stacee joined us for the run back over the bridge to the seagull sculpture.  After we dropped her off (and the uber wasn’t coming to pick her up and she ran the whole way home like a bad ass) we continued home.  The last 3 miles were a little rough but when we finished I literally have never ever felt better.  It was truly one of the best long runs I have ever had ever.  And of course, I cannot be more proud of Sara.

Knee and hip pain on a scale of 1 (post Motown Philly) to 5 (the day before the Richmond marathon): 5 The only real pain I had this week was from falling down the stairs.  I wore my compression socks which I think really helped.  When I woke up this morning my foot was really swollen and it hurt butI was super thankful to not have any trouble with it for 3 hours and 50 minutes on Sunday.

Current gear obsession:  I am in love with my ear band from oiselle.  I love love love to wear a baseball cap. The ear band allows my little ears to be warm but I still get to wear my baseball cap.  Win!

Disney World motivator:  I am really looking forward to the Hallelujah Chorus at the end of the marathon.  I also really hope that they are singing Beyonce’s Freedom.  (scroll down, watch the performance, have your mind blown, question life decisions, get excited about the marathon).

Ready to taper, friends?  I’ve already eaten 7 cookies.  Today.

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