LNRB For Miles: The Top 5 Posts of 2016

I’m so excited for a new year to start!  On the eve of this 2017 I loved looking back on the posts from my mom’s favorite blog that were most enjoyed!  I can’t tell you — yes you — how much I appreciate that you read along with my very mundane shenanigans.  I’m happy that you’re here and I hope you come back for 2017!

In the meantime let’s look back together!!

5.  Curse reversed:  The First 5 hours of the WDW Marathon:  I’m so pumped that everyone liked hearing about the WDW Marathon as much as I loved running it.

marathon 25

4.  Curse reversed:  The Remaining 5 hours of the WDW Marathon:  The end of the marathon is always my favorite part, too y’all!

marathon 30

3.  Curse reversed:  WDW Marathon Days 1 and 2:  Our first two days in the World were amazing.  There was a lot of laughing and waffles.  Oh and a half marathon I guess.

Day 2 11

2.  Woman Up in 2016:  It’s like early 2016 LNRB was trying to warn late 2016 LNRB that we would need to in fact Woman Up.  My estimation of how well I Womaned Up is forthcoming but I’m so happy that so many of us wanted to get ready to Woman Up for the year.


1. One Month of Pure Barre:  I was shocked when I saw the stats on this one.  I too, enjoyed a month of Pure Barre.  So much so that I’m going to try to go back early in 2017.  I started 2016 with an afternoon at the barre and that’s definitely what I want to do for 2017.

Pure Barre

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