Walt Disney World Training: Week 12

Well, well, well,  Look at us.  Here at the taper.  And sick as a dog.  Good times.  How was last week, you ask?  Short.  Nice and short.


Total miles:  10

Total miles this cycle:  260

Toughest run:  The Thursday before Christmas, I set out for 6 miles around my neighborhood.  The weather was really nice and it should have been a pretty easy jaunt.  But unfortunately, every interval was a tough slog.  I even sat down on a bench and took my selfie early as a way to get to sit down for a really long time.


Best run:  The first run after the 20 miler was super easy and smooth. I loved every single step.  And it was only four miles.  I loved it.

Knee and hip pain on a scale of 1 (post Motown Philly) to 5 (the day before the Richmond marathon): 5 This is partly because I haven’t run since last Thursday.  On Christmas Eve I got a terrible cold.  It took me out pretty hard.  As of this writing, I still don’t feel well enough to run.  And rather than push it, I have literally just been resting.  I think that if 2015 taught me anything, it’s not to mess with your immune system.  So, I’m not running at all until my scheduled long run this weekend at my parents.  I feel like those 8 miles are just to remind my legs that we have a job to do in less than a week.

I don’t have any new gear to talk about but right now I’m really looking forward to getting down to Disney.  This marathon is going to be so redemptive and fun.  All my friends are going to be there, the food, the Grand Floridian — gah!

I hope you all have a Happy New Year filled with tons of smiles and chips and salsa.

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