Five Things Friday: Top 5 Things about 2016

This year was you know a dumpster fire.  Like couldn’t get the Christmas cookies right, elected a fascist, lots of lovely people were miserable type of dumpster fire.  BUT.  There were some really great things that happened this year and to lump al the awful together and pretend like the great things didn’t happen would be horrifying.  So, here are the top 5 awesome things that happened in 2016.

1.  We bought our first home

Buying a house is a big adult thing that people do.  Apparently.  Our new little house is cozy and lovely.  It’s close to all of our friends and our jobs.  I love Northern VA.  My favorite thing about the house is how much MB loves the house.  He’s always tinkering around and planting a garden and it’s pretty cute.  I love him.  And the house he bought us.

2.  We saw our amazing friends and did non-running stuff

MB and I spent a lot of time with our amazing friends doing non running things! 10575242_10207006408153067_7732664886093727485_o

Eric lived with us and we celebrated his 30th birthday!


Pixar BSO evening with the Venkers!13055248_10207718843683510_5976564813236489970_o

Our framily on our bi-annual framily vaca!

3.  My brother, sister in law and niece moved to the area.

I have lived in the DC-area for over 10 years and when Eric, Amanda and the baby moved just under an hour away we magically have actual family in the area!  It’s amazing.  They’re amazing.


i love that i can see that little face whenever i want.

4.  I became a travel agent.

My love of Walt Disney World is now at a fever pitch so I started Adulting in Disney.  After I launched, someone reached out to me and suggested that I reach out to a travel agency and partner with them so that I could plan travel to Disney and then do the custom itineraries.  Since I joined Mouse Counselors, things have been amazing.  I love helping people booking their vacations and then planning what they’re going to do on vacation.  I do vacations outside of Disney.  So, if you’re trying to get somewhere this year, let’s go together!

5.  MB

I love this guy. This year was really challenging and it’s (hold on, this is sappy) his love that is truly my salvation.  He always knows exactly what to say to help calm me down or build me up.  My hope is that everyone finds their MB for the coming year :).  Because I’m one lucky broad.


he hates that my bangs always get in his face.  we’ll work on that for 2017


3 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: Top 5 Things about 2016

    • Lauren Bailey says:

      You’ll have to come by and see it. It’s pretty impressive. Currently he’s waging all out war with the squirrels.

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