Walt Disney World Training: Week 13

Y’all.  Last week was LOL.  I had a terrible cold.  Like knock me out, had to sleep for 15 hours terrible.  As such, that week was a little weak on running.  But, I think that’s the thing about being an adult, I can make the hard choices — like not running while I’m dying of illness — and not worry about it.


It’s OK Auntie Laur — sometimes you’re sick and you need to dress up like the queen of America.

Total miles:  3 (ha! whoops!)

Total miles this cycle:  263

Toughest  and best run:  Since I only ran once this week, after illness, this run was all of everything.  It started off pretty rough, and ended up pretty great.  I left my watch at home and was running at my parent’s house so it was hilly and ridiculous.  But after about 10 minutes, my legs started working and it felt great.


Knee and hip pain on a scale of 1 (post Motown Philly) to 5 (the day before the Richmond marathon): 5  Taking time off is always good for my old bones.  I feel really good going into the marathon loose and easy to roll.

Disney World motivator:   I’m so excited to see all of my people.  A lot of the Ohana is already on their way down to the World.  I am going to squeeze these amazing people so hard they might pop.  I hope they are ready!

How was your week of running over the holidays?

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