Walt Disney World Marathon Packing List

The time has come!  I’ve finally started to pack for my epic 7 whole days in the World, which will include the Ohana, tons of delicious food, cheering for the half, running the full and enjoying an overdue vacation with MB.

In order to have the literal best time possible — especially for the marathon — one needs to have everything from home to make is a success.  Here are the things I’m bringing with me for marathon domination.


  1. Shorts!  Obviously I’m sporting my most very favorite Oiselle roga shorts.
  2. KT Tape — I’ve pre cut my strips to get my knees ready fro 26.2 miles of magic.
  3. Luxe Verazzano Sports Bra — I love all of the Oiselle bras I have but this is, by far, the best and most comfortable,
  4. Sparkle Athletic Skirt — the girls and I are dressing as Princess Auroro and Flora, Fauna and Merryweather.  I’m Merryweather!
  5.  Team in Training Singlet — while it doesn’t exactly match my blue skirt, any good fairy knows you have to rep your people.  Thanks to your support I raised over 2,000 to stop blood cancer.  I’m going to wear that shirt proudly.
  6. Oiselle Fast cap — I have one in white and needed one in blue.
  7. Wrist bling — just a few of the many bracelets I’ll be wearing on race day!  These are all gifts from people that lift me up and I love having them close by.
  8. Skecher Forza — this is my new favorite shoe.  And if it’s good enough for Kara, it’s good enough for me.
  9. Ziplock bags — these are amazing for switching into dry socks, protectcing your phone or carrying your snacks.  I also have a few in different sizes for race morning.
  10. Nathan Hydration pack — sans water bladder.  To hold all my goodies.
  11. Body glide — in three sizes.  One for the hotel room, one for the checked bag and one for my pack.  I do NOT mess around with chafing.
  12. Road ID and watch — staying safe and on target for 26.2 miles takes some support.
  13. Post race layers. — I shamelessly strip out of my race clothes and throw on the dry and warms as soon as possible.
  14. Mickey sunglasses — the sun never sets on a badass and there’s nothing worse than the rays in your eyes while you’re trying to dominate.
  15. Honey Stinger waffles — I’ve had a lot of fuel over the years and these waffles far and away are the best tasting, easiest on my tummy and truly do give me a boost when I need one.
  16. Pre race layers — I’m not a fan of last year’s shirt so I’m taking it to wear and dumb.  And there are never ever enough heat sheets.
  17. Documentation — race waiver, retreat receipt, hotel confirmation, bag tags.

There you have it!  Is there anything on the list that you don’t leave home without either?  Anything I missed?


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