#WheelsUp 2017

Oiselle is the endless source of inspiration and kinship and support.  So, this year, when they proposed a monthly challenge to hone in on goals for the year, I am all in.   I’m so ready for 2017 — I’m excited to build a year around positivity, friendship, family and stillness.  So, participating in the Oiselle #WheelsUp2017 makes sense to help this happen.


For January the exercise is to run and reject.  With pleasure!

Run:  My goal is to see what’s possible with recovery.  After the marathon this weekend, I’m going to take the whole month off to get ready for Pittsburgh Marathon training.  I want to get back to my prehab exercises, stretching and cross training.

Reject:  The distraction I’m going to ditch the busy-ness.  I’m going to embrace stillness, ala Sara.  Allowing myself space to be:  read, journal, be quiet.  I don’t have to always be doing something.  I can’t wait.

What are your goals for 2017?

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