PGH Marathon Training: Week 1

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It has been a little less than four full weeks since Walt Disney World Marathon domination.  I had planned to take the month off from running by getting back to my personal trainer, swimming and using the elliptical machine.  Wellllll.  I went to training twice, swam once and I think used the elliptical machine maybe 3 times.  I definitely took the spirit and letter of weeks of rest very seriously.

While I didn’t do all the working out on my rest month, I did do a lot of thinking about my next training cycle for Pittsburgh.  I did a lot of reflecting on my most recent training cycle and projecting for Chicago — training for which will start right after the Pittsburgh Marathon — and I settled on 3 goals for Pittsburgh.

A Goal:  5:15 would be a 7:42 PR, 12:05/per mile

B Goal:  5:22 would be a a :42 PR, 12:25/per mile

C Goal:  5:45 a solid marathon, 13:20/ per mile

So with some serious goals in mind, let’s get to training!  I’m going to go with a new different format for Pittsburgh training recaps.  Let’s go!

Track:  I’m not going to be out on the track until spring, most likely, so I’m doing the track work outs as part of the Run Less, Run Faster method, on the treadmill at the gym.  I did 4×800 and tried to run around 4-4:30.  LOL.  I ended up, after doing one 4:05, doing around 5-5:25 for the remaining repeats.  I won’t call it a huge win but, it definitely had my heart pumping.  I felt amazing afterwards.

Tempo:  I’m going to be one hunnid — I HATE tempo runs.  Not as much as I hate the very idea of salad, going to personal training and facisim, but the tempos are pretty high up there.  What I normally do, which totally defeats the purpose of the tempo, is pick out the middle miles that are supposed to be fast, skip the warm up and cool down and call it a day.  After this week, I promised myself not to do that.  My schedule had 7 miles 5 @ MP but I cut it way down to 4 miles @ MP.   Next week I’d like to get on track.

Long Run:  On Saturday, the BABs reunited for a very brisk, bright 7-10.5 miler.  Tori and LV are training for the Princess Half so they beasted 10.5.  Stacee and new friend Racquel did a solid 7 and I had this on my schedule:



I have no idea what that says so I went with 9.  I ended up with 9.5.  The run was perfect.  I was starting to feel it about 2/3 of the way in and then we were done eating bagels and trying to get warm.



so happy to be training

This week I’m going to tinker around with my nutrition.  I’ve noticed since I’ve run a whopping 4 times that I’m super starving which won’t do me or my new jeans any good between now and May.

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “PGH Marathon Training: Week 1

  1. Steffany R. says:

    Tempo miles are the worst! You know I love my track workouts, so if you ever need a kick in the pants – I got you!

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