PGH Marathon Training: Week 2

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This week started off OK and then quickly devolved into not sleeping, eating anything and trying not to cry about everything.  Thankfully, I was able to pull it together for the long run this weekend so the week could end on a very high note.

Historically, things are weird for me in week 2 as my body gets used to training again, so I’m not too freaked out.  Just freaked out enough to try to spend $1,000 on new Oiselle gear.  (that I didn’t purchase, you’re welcome Duffy.)

Monday img_4229



Track:  I ran what felt like a really slow, tiny ladder workout on the treadmill to start the running week.  Thankfully I listened to the plan and didn’t push the pace like I did in week 1.  I had enough left in the tank to do the cool down and not feel like I had been punching myself repeatedly over and over after I was done.  The really terrible thing about this run is that it correlated with a terrible hormonal migraine (I get them once a month, usually for about two days).  I got it late enough in the day that I missed sleeping all of Tuesday and most of Wednesday.  This did nothing for my plan to get my nutrition back on track (I crave carbs and fat when I’m straight exhausted).  I’m always thankful for Sunday and the opportunity to start a new week.

Tempo:  LOL at this tempo run.  I had such high hopes of knocking out all 7 miles on a very windy day inside on the ‘mill.  I got the first mile done, the warmup, and my stupid treadmill stopped dead.  Fine.  Restart the treadmill at the tempo mile pace.  A quarter of the way through the first mile it stops again.  Scream WTF as loud as possible and get on the next treadmill at tempo pace.  From there it just devolved into get 4 tempo miles done and you can go home.  Ok 3.5.  OK 3!  OK DONE.  Woof.


this effort was brought to you by those sweet capris.

Long Run:  Saturday dawned warmer than the previous weeks so the BABs and I set out on RCP again!  We met up with LV, Tori and LW who are wrapping their princess training, and Stacee and I ran their last 10 with them.  Many, did this run feel amazing.  I ran the last half mile fast and it felt controlled and exciting.  I had been thinking on Wednesday and Thursday, as I was reviewing my training plan, what would happen if I allowed myself to run faster training times, to be disciplined on the long runs, to not be timid and take it easy?  I haven’t really decided, but that half mile sure did feel great.


This week I’m really going to focus on nutrition, practice getting my strength workouts done myself and hit every work out hard.

OH!  Also of note, I’ve been stretching after every run.  Like they teach in first grade gym.  I definitely deserve a prize.

How was your week?

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