PGH Marathon Training: Week 3

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This past week was awesome.  Plain and simple.  I’m riding the high of 2 really good runs, the beautiful weather, time with my family — it’s all been good.  Let’s look back at week 3, shall we?

Track:  Last week, MB was traveling internationally for work, so as not to get serial killed (I’m listening to A LOT of My Favorite Murder so obvs I’m scared out of my mind to be at home alone), I went to my parent’s house for the week.  My Dad belongs to the Planet Fitness and man, is that gym NICE!  I hit the treadmill and did 5 (!!) x 1000 and man oh man were my splits delicious.


I just love to bask in those splits.  I felt great afterward.

Tempo:  I had 6 on the schedule with 4 at medium tempo.  I was really positive going into the run but when I got on the treadmill, after the warmup, I felt really off.  My legs were going every whichaway, I was too hot, too thirsty, the pace felt too hard, then too easy.  I hated it.  I ran for 4 miles at 50 minutes flat and then waited for my Dad in the waiting room of the gym.

I felt really bad about it when this photo was taken, but, as I waited for my Dad, I really brightened up.  I thought about all the trash runs I’ve gone on and that one run just doesn’t define me or my training, it was just one bad run.  And heyo  — I have legs that work. and a heart that pumps.  That’s a good run.

Long run:  Saturday’s forecast called for bright sun and 12 miles.  Tori, who is literally at the end of her taper for Princess was like, oh sure I’ll run 12.  Yes!  Also what a bad ass.  I’ll get to my big huge revalation later but to the long run I have to give mad mad props.  Tori and I beasted some GWPW trail for 6 out and back.  The weather was perfect, the company was perfect and tied for the best part — our average moving pace ended up at 10:59.  Win.

like really love

this is a pic of me and Tori from last last December.  Her sweet husband who is training for his FIRST HALF MARATHON boogered up his ankle so she rushed home to make sure he was OK.  He’s OK.  

After my tempo run, I got to thinking about my goals for this race.  I looked at my times for the training and I thought, Lauren, is this everything you can give?  And the answer was no, I can give way way more. And that’s exactly what we did on the long run.  I would be lying if I told you that I thought the whole thing was easy peasy — I was definitely tired about half way through — but at the end I thought man, that was hard, but not impossible.  And it was done.  I’m not trying to say that I’m going to BQ off a 12 mile run, but it was a huge confidence booster.

How was your week?

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