PHM: The Plan

I’ve hemmed and hawed about the plan I wanted to use for the Princess Half Marathon for weeks.  On one hand, I’ve had ridiculously good luck with the Run less, Run faster training plans.  Running three days a week and cross training additional days is perfect for my old, weary body.  But, on the other hand, I’m not in a position to be running faster, just running less.  So it seemed like an overly ambitious plan.


here’s a picture of the last time I was at princess.  i already have my sash ready.

Normally, I would convince myself that I should write my own plan but I talked myself out of that really fast.  I settled on another tried and true plan — Jeff Galloway’s Run Walk Plan. For the experienced runner, natch.

The plan is provided for free from the runDisney website.  The plan itself is pretty simple:  running three days a week with recommended pace targets and a run-walk cadence.  I am going to modify the plan and focus on getting the runs IN without worrying about timing too much.  Homegirl is just trying to finish here.

I’m excited about the plan for two reasons.  First, the plan is 18 glorious weeks long.  That means on October 22, I’ll have my first official training day.   Having all this time is important to me.  I have over a month from today to get mentally and physically ready for training, the weather will be a little more cooperative {hopefully} and I’ll have ample time to get myself into shape for the actual race.

Second, the mid-week runs are not measured in miles.  THEY ARE MEASURED IN MINUTES.  Easing back into mileage is really important for my psychologically.  I can get myself pretty flipped out about 2, 2 mile runs in the first week.  But an hour, in one week?  Plus a three mile long run?  Now that I can do.

There are going to be a lot of other factors for success in this training cycle.  Getting my eating back together {oy!}, continuing with cross training, figuring out my costume {v. importante!} and of course, getting my gear game back in A+ status.  But for now, I’m very excited to see the 18 week plan every time I head to the fridge.  I’m looking forward to logging the miles here and on my legs, crossing off the days on the plan.



Cheer Squad Recap: The Princess Half Marathon

A friendly reminder: I’m a Disney travel agent that can make your next racecation super magical.  My services are free so let’s do it!

Last year, my Princess Squad rolled down and ran one of each of the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend races.  So, of course, we had to do it again this year.  Because no one was trying to get up early 3 days in a row, the girls decided that this year, the half would be the race of the day.  We also decided that Holley would run her first half.  AND that it would be the first race back for LV after a major surgery.  AND almost all the Ohana came too!  Glory!

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Curse Reversed: 13.1 reasons to run the WDW Half

Remember this picture? 

Day 2 4

Yeah, they def weren’t feeling running a half marathon.  Imagine our joy when we say these happy faces at mile 7:


Princess Natalie and Princess Katinka did an amazing job at the half marathon.  They were so speedy, had so much fun and really helped us out getting ready for the full marathon the next day.  Below are the 13.1 things that the Princesses want you to know about their epic half marathon so you too can have an amazing runDisney half experience!  Enjoy!

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Curse Reversed: WDW Marathon Days 1 and 2

Friends!  Country women!  Lend me your ears!  Like the mickey shaped ones.  Ala Natalie Pendleton.

Day 1 1

Ahhhh mimosas during a marathon.  Winning.

This WDW marathon weekend was all about four things:  friends, fun, food, redemption.  No better place to do all that than our favorite place on earth, right?  Our first two days were spent eating, having fun and friending so let’s get to it!

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My Ten Favorite Things About Our Disney Cruise

After we got through the horrifying yet lovely weekend of the marathon we were off on Monday morning for our first every Disney cruise.  Rather than bore you to DEATH with every single minute {which I could, I promise} I’m going to give you the ten highlights from our trip.  tl;dr:  we LOVED THIS VACATION.  We’ve been on a few hundred vacations and this was the best one we’ve ever ever been on.

Without further adieu, my ten favorite things from the Disney Cruise.

10931704_10204784880896274_6695667427630289896_o 1909450_10204784875856148_3678010090588647790_o

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Caution! You Will Get Wet

There are three things I’m not super into:  standing, being nude and being wet meaning showering is like my least favorite thing in the world.  It’s no wonder, then,  that on Sunday morning after crossing the finish line of my third Wine and Dine half marathon, when MB FaceTimed me from a remote location he found his shivering, sobbing wife on the other end.  What’s wrong, Lauren?  I GOT WET! I yelled at him.  And not the fun, Kali River Rapids wet.  The awful soaked to the cold tutu-ed bone had to run 13.1 miles in the dark may get wet

photo sourced from

But let’s be real.  No one wants to read about 13 miles of whining.  So I present the super duper positive from Wine and Dine weekend, because there were a lot of positives.  As usual.

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Fives Things About Disney Friday

I’m so happy that it’s Friday.  Ridiculously happy.  I’ll be spending time with this little wondrous peach this weekend.  Both of them.

IMG_1161 (1)

One of the things that I’ve been doing recently other than running is day dreaming about the WDW Marathon weekend.  It’s  my main motivation for pretty much all activities right now.  So, I literally cannot get Disney off of my mind.  I wanted to share the 5 things that I’m really excited about — Disney style.

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5 Things Friday – Disney Edition

If you follow me on social {see right sidebar} you’ll know that this time last week MB and I were working out at the spa gym at the Grand Floridian in Walt Disney World.  This week, obvs, not so much.  We had this tripp booked almost immediately after we got back from the WDW Marathon weekend.  MB is such a trooper when we travel for races and he remarked how he hadn’t been to Disney to just be there and have fun in 3 years.  YIKES.  We were long overdue.  I think the only real recap I’ll write is about the food because jesusmaryandJOSEPH it was good on this visit.  So, in lieu of a whole week of Disney recaps {aka pictures you probably already saw on Instagram} here are the 5 things that really wowed us at WDW last week!

photo (7)

we went under the auspices of our 5th wedding anniversary which is in August.

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Why I Run Disney

A lot of people were really annoyed recently when the price of runDisney races continued to skyrocket this year and our runDisney friends started charging for things that the rD faithful had come to enjoy for free {namely the meet ups pre-race}.  I have to admit, I was a little annoyed when I found out you could literally buy your ticket into the next meet up.  And it wasn’t necessarily because of the money — although I thought it was at first — it was because some of the magic had been taken away:  no more anticipation, no more daily Twitter stalking, no more excited hashtag checking, no more DP blog refreshing.  I was bummed.  So I started talking to my Twitter friends about it.  And then it dawned on me.  That’s why, my number one reason, I will always runDisney.

It’s the people.


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