PGH Marathon Training: Weeks 3-6 (?)

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OK, so.  Running has not really been a big huge priority lately.  As you might have read, I’ve been suffering from a low point with my depression, which in turn makes me really disinterested in things that usually bring me joy.  I’ve been feeling better, but I’ve also gotten really really busy.  Busy means I’m tired a lot and still dealing with my depression does not really create an environment for running success.  Then I got sick.  And the sick held on for almost a month.  This week, I tweaked a muscle in my glute.  It hurt so bad I could barely sit, let alone run.

Earlier this week I was starting to panic.  I’m running a marathon in 5 weeks.  The farthest I’ve run is 12 miles.

And then, I started talking gently to myself and I decided to take stock of what I’ve done and what I’m able to commit to doing in the next 5 weeks.

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PGH Marathon Training: Week 1

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It has been a little less than four full weeks since Walt Disney World Marathon domination.  I had planned to take the month off from running by getting back to my personal trainer, swimming and using the elliptical machine.  Wellllll.  I went to training twice, swam once and I think used the elliptical machine maybe 3 times.  I definitely took the spirit and letter of weeks of rest very seriously.

While I didn’t do all the working out on my rest month, I did do a lot of thinking about my next training cycle for Pittsburgh.  I did a lot of reflecting on my most recent training cycle and projecting for Chicago — training for which will start right after the Pittsburgh Marathon — and I settled on 3 goals for Pittsburgh.

A Goal:  5:15 would be a 7:42 PR, 12:05/per mile

B Goal:  5:22 would be a a :42 PR, 12:25/per mile

C Goal:  5:45 a solid marathon, 13:20/ per mile

So with some serious goals in mind, let’s get to training!  I’m going to go with a new different format for Pittsburgh training recaps.  Let’s go!

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Five Things Friday

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I’m sure you’ve seen by now that I was selected to be a #GameOnPGH blogger for the 2017 Dick’s Sporting Goods Marathon!  I’m so excited about this opportunity and thought that my regular Five Things Friday post was the perfect time to tell you why!

one of the best days ever.


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One Month to Go. Stay healthy.

Today, we are one month away from the Walt Disney World Marathon.  I’m hoping that, at this time in 30ish days we will be well into the first two or three miles of this most fun marathon ever.  I’ve even gone so far as to start stalking the weather, which, as we seasoned marathoners know, that is a stupid thing to do.  We cannot control the weather, only how we react to the weather.  But I’ll tell you what we can control — taking care of ourselves.

As I write this, MB is asleep on the couch, down and out with the stomach flu.  It was bound to happen — tis the season, you know?  So as I washed my hands for the 80th time, I thought I would share my tricks for getting to the start line of the winter marathon healthy and ready to dominate.


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Walt Disney World Training: Week 9

This past week was a little wonky. I was at my mom and dad’s until Thursday and so I took my training to Western PA.  Which means that I was running a ton of hills.  By Wednesday, my hip and glutes were all bound up.  Thankfully I sprang for a deep tissue 90 minute massage which has helped immensely.  As I write this however, I’m completely exhausted.  We had a really busy weekend and a couple more busy weeks ahead.  That’s kind of the worst and best part about training for the Marathon Weekend events.  You’re so busy near the end, you don’t have time to think — you just execute.

Now on with last week!

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