PGH Marathon: Training for Cheering

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In a week, I’ll be waiting, anxiously, to have dinner with my friends who have successfully dominated another Pittsburgh Marathon weekend.  I’ll also be basking in the warm glow of my success as one of the best cheer-ers that the Pittsburgh Marathon has ever seen.  Since I’ve run the course about 790 times, I have scoped out all the great places, as a runner, where people’s yells, snacks and funny signs meant the world to a marathon-weary runner.

especially that time I ran 2 marathons back to back!

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Walt Disney World Half Marathon: The Marathon


Walt Disney World Half Marathon Day 1

Walt Disney World Half Marathon The Expo

Walt Disney World Half Marathon Princess Shoes

Walt Disney World Half Marathon The Race

There are two non-running experiences that every serious runner, in my humble opinion, must have:  volunteering and spectating the marathon.  MB and I volunteered at this year’s Marine Corps Marathon {Gooooooo Little A!!! Go Kate!!} but we had yet to do the full on make the signs, stand outside for hours clapping for people we don’t even know in the hopes of seeing a few people that we do.  This was our chance!  So, the morning after my 3 AM wake up call, I hopped out of bed at 6:40 and I was off!


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