Cheer Squad Recap: The Princess Half Marathon

A friendly reminder: I’m a Disney travel agent that can make your next racecation super magical.  My services are free so let’s do it!

Last year, my Princess Squad rolled down and ran one of each of the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend races.  So, of course, we had to do it again this year.  Because no one was trying to get up early 3 days in a row, the girls decided that this year, the half would be the race of the day.  We also decided that Holley would run her first half.  AND that it would be the first race back for LV after a major surgery.  AND almost all the Ohana came too!  Glory!

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The 2015 Race Calendar that Shouldn’t Be

In 2013 I promised MB that after I finished my 30 races I would take a break.  Then of course I registered for Big Sur and Pittsburgh back to back.  Early in 2014 as I was pounding the snow covered pavement I promised MB, after our weekly post-long run brunch at my fav Mexican spot, I would take it easy in 2015 with racing and traveling.  Then I got into Marine Corps {late 2014 but still} and THEN two of my dearest friends asked me a question I cannot under any circumstances say no to:


The answer is always unequivocally YES.  YES I WILL DO THAT.


Oh you’re running your fist marathon and you want me to be there for that?  Sure!


I got to run with you for your first race and now your first half?  Yes PLEASE!

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Five Things Friday

YES!  As with last month I just adore when the end of the week and the end of the month happen together!  It’s just the best, so magical!  And trust me after this week, I could use a little bit of magic.

The internet was at its best this week — so many great reads {that i was blearily reading on the bus to and from the office}!


last weekend this happened.  we have every intention of being just as awesome this weekend.

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