Cheer Squad Recap: The Princess Half Marathon

A friendly reminder: I’m a Disney travel agent that can make your next racecation super magical.  My services are free so let’s do it!

Last year, my Princess Squad rolled down and ran one of each of the Disney Princess Half Marathon weekend races.  So, of course, we had to do it again this year.  Because no one was trying to get up early 3 days in a row, the girls decided that this year, the half would be the race of the day.  We also decided that Holley would run her first half.  AND that it would be the first race back for LV after a major surgery.  AND almost all the Ohana came too!  Glory!

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Curse Reversed: 13.1 reasons to run the WDW Half

Remember this picture? 

Day 2 4

Yeah, they def weren’t feeling running a half marathon.  Imagine our joy when we say these happy faces at mile 7:


Princess Natalie and Princess Katinka did an amazing job at the half marathon.  They were so speedy, had so much fun and really helped us out getting ready for the full marathon the next day.  Below are the 13.1 things that the Princesses want you to know about their epic half marathon so you too can have an amazing runDisney half experience!  Enjoy!

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Race Report: Castaway Cay 5K

I’m getting all caught up on my race reports.  I’ll be back soon to explain what in the world I’m doing with my running life soon, proms!

Signging up to go on the Disney Cruise after the marathon weekend was a super good idea.  Apparently I’m not the only person who thinks that because now runDisney offers a challenge, where in if you run during marathon weekend, sign up through rD and then run at Castaway Cay, you get a super special challenge medal.  I knew nothing of this when we booked our trip way way back in August, but whatever.  We still enjoyed our Castaway Cay 5K experience, sans special medals {and 5 AM wake up call thank you very much}


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Why I Run Disney

A lot of people were really annoyed recently when the price of runDisney races continued to skyrocket this year and our runDisney friends started charging for things that the rD faithful had come to enjoy for free {namely the meet ups pre-race}.  I have to admit, I was a little annoyed when I found out you could literally buy your ticket into the next meet up.  And it wasn’t necessarily because of the money — although I thought it was at first — it was because some of the magic had been taken away:  no more anticipation, no more daily Twitter stalking, no more excited hashtag checking, no more DP blog refreshing.  I was bummed.  So I started talking to my Twitter friends about it.  And then it dawned on me.  That’s why, my number one reason, I will always runDisney.

It’s the people.


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Walt Disney World Half Marathon: Princess Shoes


Walt Disney World Half Marathon Day 1

Walt Disney World Half Marathon The Expo

Y’all.  All I wanted, at this race, other than a PR, was a chance to try on the newest runDisney New Balance Shoes.  And you know, maybe buy a pair.  For those of you that are not obsessed with runDisney and may not know — New Balance and runDisney partnered up and created some shoes that look like Mickey Mouse in 2013.  Pretty much the best thing ever.  They updated their designs for the Dopey Challenge weekend and had a bunch of new designs in different models.

So, when we put my name in at 1:40 we were  told that I would get called in 3 hours to be fitted for my shoes.  I knew that we would not be at the expo at 4:40 so I thought “eh, if they call me before the expo ends at 7 then I’ll go, and if they don’t it’s fine.”

In the meantime, after our lunch, coach Jeff came over to the Grand to see the new Villas for Disney Vacation Club members.  While we were enjoying the lobby, I got THE TEXT!  It was my turn for shoes!!  I hugged Jeff and his wife Patti goodbye and jumped back on the expo bus!

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